A/N: *sniffles* This is the last Jonas and Cody chapter EVER! *cries* I'm going to miss these boys so much. It's going to be so weird to never write in Jonas's point of view again. He's been living in my head for over a year now, and so has Cody. And now...I have to say goodbye to them... This makes me very, very, undescribably sad. :'(

Piece of Cake

Epilogue – Jonas and Cody

(Jonas's P.O.V.)

I haven't seen Cody since graduation day, and that was a week ago—a whole freaking week ago!

And why haven't I seen him?

Because the next day—at five in the morning—his brother, Rebecca and him left to go see his grandparents, who live down in Florida.

It's been torture, absolute torture! It was hard enough getting used to only seeing him at school and just for a while on the weekends once I moved to the apartment, but not seeing him at all for a week—it's been horrible! I mean, I've talked to him on the phone and such—but I miss my Cody-time! I miss Cody-hugs, Cody-snuggles, Cody-kisses, and Cody-s—


And other things.


Today, he came back! His flight got in this morning, and he told me that after he got home, got things somewhat in order, and took a shower that he was coming over! I'm excited!

Impatient too, because he should be here by now!

And when I'm both impatient and excited, I have a tendency to become very hyper—the kind of hyper where if I don't move, I'll go crazy. Which is why I've been hoping around the apartment, glancing at the clock every ten seconds. I've been doing this for the past twenty minutes, so it's not really surprising that Mom keeps shooting me looks from where she's standing in front of the sink, doing the dishes. I know she probably thinks I'm going to knock something over, but—oh, crap.

I grab the vase of flowers on the table that I just stumbled into before it can fall over and break. Mom huffs and throws the sponge down before she turns around to face me, her eyebrows raised and her expression not amused. Oh. Her hands are on her hips too. I smile sheepishly at her.

"Hi," I say, but it doesn't make her stop looking at me like she is. In fact, her eyes narrow.

Oh, shit.

"What's your problem?" she asks.

"He's not here yet!" I whine, collapsing down in the chair. I lay my head down on the table and pout at her. "And he was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago!"

Mom sighs. "You have to be patient."

"I can't!" I tell her. "He needs to get here! I—"

I'm cut off by a knock on the door, and without even hesitating a second, I jump up from the chair, nearly knocking over the vase again. Moms huffs, but I don't pay any attention to her as I scramble out of the kitchen into the hallway. And once I'm at the door, I'm literately bouncing up and down with anticipation as I unlatch the lock. Once it's open, I see Cody standing there, with a bag slung over his shoulder and an apologetic look on his face, and I grin widely.

"Sorry I'm late," he says. "But I had to bring my brother to Tay—"

I'm on him before he can finish his apology, causing both of us to fall to the floor with me on top of him. The air rushes out of Cody's lungs in an 'oomphf' sound, but then he laughs and wraps his arms around my back. I'm laughing too as I take his face in my hands and start presses kisses to his lips, cheeks, and basically any place I can reach.

"I missed you, I missed you, I missed you!" I chant in-between kisses. "You're never leaving me alone for that long ever again, do you hear me? I—" I pull back with a frown and stare at him. After a moment, I slowly state, "You cut your hair."

"It was hot down there," he tells me, looking at me with wide, sincere eyes. He runs his fingers through his hair, which is now only an inch long at the most, compared to the three and a half it used to be before he left. I pout at him, and he frowns.

"What?" he asks. "You don't like it?"

"No," I say honestly, shaking my head. "Now I can't play with it. And—oh my god, you're tan." I stare at him again. He's at least two shades darker than when he left. I whine and hide my face in his neck. "I'm gonna look like a ghost next to you now!"

Cody chuckles and hugs me tighter. "No, you won't." He kisses my temple then sighs. "God, I missed you. Next time, you're coming with me."

"Oh, yes please," I say, lifting my head up so he can see my smirk.

He laughs again and rests his forehead against mine, closing his eyes. Smiling, I stroke his cheek, feeling extremely happy that he's back and that I can do this. I can't describe how much I missed him; it's just been a lot. So, he's not leaving here for a while. After not seeing each other for a whole week, we've got a lot of making up to do.

Which means we should probably get started right now…

Smirking again, I lean forward and press my lips to Cody's. He hums happily, kissing me back as he hugs me tighter, tangling a hand in my hair. My arms wrap around his neck and I flick my tongue across his lips. The second time I do it, the tip of his tongue meets mine and—oh, yes. It's been way to long since we've done this.

I kiss him harder, letting our tongues battle as I slip a hand under the back of his shirt, sliding it up and down his spine. Cody's breath hitches and then he makes a contented grunt, which I take as permission to move my hand to his stomach. I trail my fingers over his muscles slowly as I push him back so he's leaning against his duffel bag. His hands drop down to my waist, his fingers dipping under the waistband of my jeans. Shuddering deliciously, I press my body closer to his and let my hand that's in his shirt go down to the front of his jeans. But before I even manage to touch the denim, Mom walks out into the hall.

"Boys, I'm going to the stor—Jonas! Cody! Both of you get in here this instant!" she shrieks.

Cody and I break away from each other and look at her dazedly. Her wide-eyed expression as she stares at us brings me back to reality. That's when I realize I was just about to molest Cody right in the middle of the hallway, where our neighbors could see us if they came out of their apartments. The thought actually amuses me for some reason, and I smirk, but the glare I get from Mom wipes it off my face instantly. I quickly climb off Cody's lap and pull him up by his hand. As we both walk into the apartment, we avoid Mom's gaze.

"Sorry," I tell her. "We got carried away."

"I'll say," she mutters, shaking her head. Then she purses her lips at us until we're both fidgeting awkwardly. Eventually though, I can't stand it anymore, so I look at her with raised eyebrows.

"So… You're going to the store?" I ask, remembering what she was saying before she caught us.

"Well…" Mom glances between Cody and me. "I don't know…:"

"Mother," I intone, glaring at her. I know what's going though her head right now.

Even though she's accepted Cody and I being together, it still makes her a bit awkward to see us being affectionate to one another. But ever since a few months ago, when she walked in on us making-out in only our boxers, and about ready to get rid of those, too, she doesn't like leaving us alone. She doesn't even like it when we're in my room together with the door closed. The whole incident also led to her and me having a very awkward talk that I don't like thinking about. It was traumatic enough the first time; I don't need to remember it.

And because she just caught us in the hall, I know she's remembering that time, and now she thinks that if she leaves, we'll…well, we'll continue. Which we will, but that's really none of her business. I haven't seen Cody in a week—that's seven days for sexual tension to build up—and if she thinks I'm going to wait much longer before I jump him, she's got another thing coming. The moment she leaves, I'll be on him like a starving animal.

Because I am starved.


Which means Mother Dearest needs to vacate the premises.

"What?" Mom asks, blinking innocently, like she has no idea why I'm glaring at her. I give her a flat look, and she sighs. "Fine. I'm going."

"Thank you!" I say.

Mom purses her lips at us then walks to the door, very slowly. Once she's out of in the hallway, she looks back at us. "Behave yourselves," she tells us.

"Okay," I say, barely keeping myself from rolling my eyes and snapping at her.

"Bye," she says, lingering in the doorway. I huff and start to close the door.

"Goodbye," I force out through clenched teeth.

Mom opens her mouth to say something else, but I close the door and latch it before she can. Smirking, I then turn around to give Cody a heated look. Once he sees it, the amused expression on his face disappears and I watch as the lust quickly enters his eyes. He then licks his lower lip slowly and purposely, keeping his eyes on mine. I can't help but think of all the places that tongue could and will be. That's exactly why he did it, too.

"Cody," I say in a low tone.

"Yeah?" he asks, staring at me with fire in his eyes. The look goes straight to my crotch.

"My room," I tell him. "Now."

He laughs. "Yes, sir." Then he turns and starts walking down the hall. I follow him, intently watching his every move. He knows I am, too, since he's glancing over his shoulder at me every couple of steps with a smirk on his lips. And if things go my way—which I'm sure they will—soon those lips will be doing much more than smirking.

I'm proven right the moment we both get into my room, too. Once the door's closed, Cody pushes me up against it and pins my hands next to my head, lacing his fingers with mine and kissing me deeply. Grinning, I kiss him back and press my body against his, pulling him to me by wrapping a leg around both of his. He chuckles then lets one of my hands go so he can thread his fingers through my hair as he simultaneously sucks on my tongue and massages it with his. It's an instant high; I groan into his mouth

Hooking two fingers of my free hand in a belt loop of his jeans, I yank his hips into mine, making us both gasp at the fantastical pressure and friction. I then encircle his waist with my arm to keep him in place, because—god, it's been too fucking long since we've done this.

Cody then breaks our kiss to start sucking on my neck. My head lolls back against the door, and within seconds I'm panting. It's so good—so, so good—I don't even realize the hand of his that was in my hair is under my shirt until his fingers brush over my left nipple. I moan and feel Cody smirk against my skin.

"How much time do we have?" he asks, lifting his head up a bit so he can nibble on my earlobe. I run my hand up his spine until it's on the back of his head, holding him in place and scratching at his scalp. He groans, but I still wish he hadn't cut his hair. I want something to yank.

"Hour, hour and a half," I gasp out. "Two and a half—oh, fuck, Cody—at the most."

Cody lets my other hand go, and it's immediately on my butt, squeezing a bit. I clamp my teeth down on my lip, both my hands clawing at his back, but that doesn't stop the choked sounds coming from my mouth. He's sucking on my neck again, and it just reinforces my need and want for him. Both are so strong, I'm shaking with it. And it's oh-so wonderful.

"Thinks that's long enough?" he asks.

"It might be if you get your ass on my bed right now," I tell him, "and get your damn clothes off."

He chuckles again then pulls back so I can see his smirk. "In that particular order?"

I growl and push him back from me so I'm no longer pinned between the door and him. His eyes, which are smoldering, never leave mine as I yank my shirt over my head. I raise my eyebrows at him and he smirks again as he does the same. Then he pulls me back to him by the waistband of my jeans, kissing me. His chest is solid, warm, and familiar against mine, and it feels incredible—more than incredible. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I kiss him back as I walk him backwards until the back of his legs hit my mattress. Before I can push him down on it, though, he spins us around and I find myself on my back and with him on top of me so quickly that I'm left dizzy.

Not that I wasn't already.

As his hands and mouth roam my chest, my fingers make quick work of his button and zipper. I push his jeans down as far as I can with him kneeling, then undo my own, fumbling now with my rushing.

"Stupid fucking things," I mumble, and Cody laughs as he sucks on one of my nipples, which really doesn't help at all even if it does feel amazing.

Eventually though, I manage to get them undone and Cody helps me pull both my jeans and boxers off. Then he kicks his off, and once I hear them hit the floor, I haul him down until we can't possibly get any closer. The feel of his heated flesh against mine is overwhelming incredible and perfect. We both groan as we spend a moment just rocking against each other and kissing.

But there comes a point where my need for more is too much to ignore any longer. I push at his chest and tell him, "Up, up. Get up."

He does, shifting so he's kneeling above me again. I roll over on my side so I can reach under my bed to get the condoms and lube we've hidden under there. As I search for it, I feel his fingers slide down my spine to my butt, then along my hips. I just manage to find them and get a hold of them when Cody wraps his hand around my cock and starts to tug up slowly. With a moan, I flop back on the bed and drop the box and lube next to me. His eyes flicker over to them and then back to me. When our eyes meet, he raises his eyebrows.

"You or me?" he asks.

I push myself up so I'm sitting, sliding one hand over his cheek, into his hair, and then trailing the other down his back until it's on his butt. Pulling him down onto my lap, causing us both to clench our eyes shut and make some sort of noise when our cocks touch together, I brush my lips against his then put them next to his ear.

"If we stop wasting time," I whisper, "we can do both." I flick my tongue out to touch the shell of his ear with the tip while I run my hand up his thigh at the same time, smirking when he groans.

"What's gotten into you?" he asks breathily. "You're not normally this…demanding."

"It's been a long week without you," I tell him, running my other hand up and down his chest again for a moment. Then I pick the condoms and lube off the bed and look up at him through my eyelashes. "So what's it going to be, Cody? Who's fucking who first?"

His pupils dilate and he snatches the condoms and lube from my hands. "Gimme those," he growls, and I laugh as he pushes me back on my bed.

We just managed to get through two rounds of fantastically amazing and hot I-missed-you-so-fucking-much sex, take a shower together, put our clothes back on, and then get ourselves to the couch, where we pretended to be innocently watching TV, before Mom got back. Seriously, we were on the couch for maybe a minute before she walked through the door with groceries. From the way she pursed her lips at us, I know we weren't fooling her at all—it's not like we could with our hair still being wet—but she didn't say anything. Though, for the rest of the day, whenever Cody and I kissed, held hands, or sat to really close to each other, she kept shooting me these looks—looks that reminded me of that talk we'd had.

And then, when Cody said he wanted to go to bed because he'd barely gotten any sleep on the plane and was exhausted (though, I'm sure I was partly at fault for that), Mom wouldn't let us both sleep in my room; she told him he had to sleep on the couch. I know she was trying to get back at us for earlier, and no amount of arguing I did with her would change her mind. Eventually, I had no choice but to give in, especially when I could see how tired Cody was. Though, I made sure I gave him a long, slow, and deep kiss goodnight in front of Mom before I stormed off to my room.

Now I'm just waiting for her to fall asleep so I can sneak back out to the living room and curl up on the couch with him. And—success! Her lights off, which means she'll be asleep in about five minutes. I glance at my clock to check the time then go back to petting Zumi, who's now fully grown and fat. Her purring is so loud, I'd be afraid it would wake up Mom if I didn't know better. But I do, and the moment five minutes is up, I lift Zumi off my lap and quietly creep out of my room, pausing to outside of Mom's to make sure she really is asleep.

And she is, or she would have yelled at me by now to get back into my room.

Grinning, I make the rest of my way out to the living room.

Once I'm in there, I walk over to the couch and kneel down on the floor next to the end where Cody's head is lying on a pillow. He's asleep, like I knew he would be, snoring a little. A part of me doesn't want to disturb him, but a bigger part of me wants to snuggle up with him. I know he probably tried to stay awake until I came out here, too, so we could, but I also know how tired he was. And even though I'm partially to blame for that, I don't feel guilty. In fact, it makes me feel smug.

I rest my head on the pillow next to his, smiling, and reach out to trail my fingers along his cheekbone. His snoring stops and he stirs a bit. I lean in to kiss him on the tip of his nose just as he grabs my hand in his and laces our fingers together.

"'Bout time," he murmurs sleepily.

Laughing quietly, I crawl up onto the couch then wait until he gets comfortable before wrapping my arms around him. He's half-laying on top of me with his head resting right next to mine on the pillow. His weight on me and his almost smothering closeness is exactly what I want right now. I lean over a bit to kiss him.

"Goodnight, Cody," I whisper. "Love you."

"Love you, too," he mumbles. Then he nuzzles his face in my neck and, within seconds, he's snoring again. Smiling, I rest my head lightly against his and close my eyes.

Being separated from him was a lot harder than both of us thought it would be when I first moved into the apartment with Mom. We went from being together almost constantly, to seeing each other only in school and for a while on the weekends. Within the first week, I was going crazy and so was he. It was completely and absolutely horrible; I'd never felt so lonely in my life. How people manage long distance relationships, I'll never know. Seeing Cody in-between classes and during lunch wasn't even enough for me during that first week. By that weekend, I was seriously considering going back to live with him because I'd missed him so much. Obviously, I didn't, since he convinced me out of it, but I wanted to and I know he wanted me to just as much.

I realized something in that first week, though. It's funny how it took being separated for me to realize how much I love him. I already knew that I loved him a lot, but it wasn't until that first week that I realized how deep my love for him really goes. The only way I can describe it is that when I'm not with him, I feel incomplete; empty. When he's not around, I miss him so much. And from what Mom tells me, it shows. That whole first week—and other times after that as well—I'd apparently done nothing but mope around the apartment. I don't doubt that, and I'm pretty sure I did the same thing this past week while he was in Florida, too.

But anyway.

When I think back on that first week now, I'm kind of glad it was so rough, because it made staying at his house that weekend so much better. I think we spent a good two hours just kissing and holding each other the moment we got back from school. We barely left each others' side, or even let each other go, and it was exactly how I liked and wanted it. After not being able to snuggle up with him for a whole week had been getting to me, and finally being able to do that on that Friday night made me so incredibly happy.

That weekend was also when we first had sex. It was kind of like what happened today; not only had we missed each other terribly, but barely even kissing each other for that week had built up. The moment we had the house to ourselves, one thing just led to another, and before we knew it we were both naked on his bed.

I was so nervous—god, we both we—but there wasn't even a second during any of it that I was scared. Not with Cody; never with Cody. I trusted him—and still trust him—completely. And yeah, it hurt at first, but only for a while. Then it was just mind-blowingly brilliant.

The next week was slightly better. We were both still riding the high from the weekend, so school and being apart wasn't that bad. By the end of it though, we were both ready to spend the weekend together, doing nothing by cuddling, kissing, and more. But we couldn't since that Saturday I had to spend most of it helping mom pack up some of her stuff, as well as some of my own, from our old house. Cody helped, of course.

It was weird seeing my father again. Neither of us said anything to each other, but he glared at Cody and me the entire time with a disgusted look. Because of it, we purposely started making-out in the hallway, where we knew Robert had to walk by. The look on his face when he caught us is still the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.

But because we only had a few moments alone that weekend, the third week apart was nearly as bad as the first. Twice, we skipped class to meet each other in the library and make-out behind the bookshelves. Even that wasn't enough, though; we were both dying by the weekend. And just like that first one, the minute Mitchell went out with his friends and Rebecca left for work, we were on each other. Only, this time, we weren't as nervous, and he wasn't on top—I was. It was equally as brilliant though, for both of us, just in a different way.

Since then however, we rarely get his house or the apartment to ourselves. When we do, we really don't waste anytime, which is part of the reason we were in such a rush earlier. Well, that, and the fact that we missed each other like hell and were nearly bursting at the seams after not seeing each other for a week, but whatever. I've lost count how many times we've been walked in on, usually by either Rebecca or Mitchell. Here, we hardly ever do anything since that one time Mom caught us was enough. But if we do, we're extra careful unless we know for certain she's gone and won't be back for a while.

Like earlier.

Sometimes, there are moments when I'm nearly overwhelmed with how much I love Cody. Earlier was one of those times, and so was the first and second time we had sex. I love having these moments; they give me such a wonderful feeling of rightness and being complete.

But these moments aren't always when we're making love; there have been other times and things that caused me to feel that way that I never expected. Like when we found out that we had both applied to the same college without knowing the other was doing the same. I hadn't even known it was one of Cody's choices until he told me he'd gotten in, and the same went for him with me. It was a relief to both of us though, since we'd been dreading being separated that way. To end up being accepted to the same college as him, without even knowing or trying to do that, just reinforced what I already knew—that Cody and I are meant to be together.

Then there was Spring Break. I was going to go with Cody, Rebecca, Mitchell, and Taylor to Maine, but the day before we were supposed to leave, I got really sick with the flu. When Cody found out, he didn't even hesitate; he just told his mom he wasn't going and then came over to the apartment immediately. I didn't ask for him to do that. In fact, I was as mad as I could be when I had a fever and was throwing up every ten minutes. It was hard to stay mad at him, though, when my stomach felt like it was being stabbed repeatedly with knives and the only way it felt better was if he rubbed it.

For four days Cody took care of me, wrapping me in a blanket and holding me tightly when I had the chills, rubbing my tummy whenever it started hurting really bad again, making sure I was getting enough fluids, and even keeping the hair from my face when I couldn't keep any of it down. He stayed up with me through the night too, when it was impossible for me to sleep. And no matter how much I'd mutter about how I was going to get him sick, he'd just grinned at me and told me that he had a tough immune system. He refused to leave my side, and I'm glad he did. It made me feel a lot better just having him around.

It showed me just how much he loved me, and it made me love him even more than I did.

There are many other times I've had that overwhelming feeling, but those are the most important ones I think, and the moments when the feelings been the strongest. The rest are just times when he looked at me a certain way or said a certain thing to me. All of those moments each mean something different to me, but they just add up to one sure fact:

I love Cody.


With my whole heart.

With everything I have.

I know I'm going to be with him for the rest of my life. He's the only thing about my future I'm sure of. And there's never going to be anyone who can replace him. Cody's my only; my other half. He belongs to me—he's my Cody. He's mine.

And I'm his.

He's told me I've ruined him for anyone else, so I have no choice but to keep him. Like I wouldn't, regardless. If things were my way, I probably wouldn't even let him out of my sight. I better not ever lose him; there's no doubt in my mind I'll die without him.

I worry sometimes, though, that I don't tell him I love him enough. He tells me all the time how much he loves me and how much I mean to him. It's also in his eyes whenever he looks at me. I do tell him I love him—there are several times I've babbled my whole heart out to him, ending with us both in tears—but there's a certain point where words just can't convey something anymore, and become meaningless. And what I feel for Cody definitely goes beyond words. Beyond feelings, actually. At times my love for him seems almost tangible. That's why I do everything I possibly can to show him how deeply in love with him I am. Every smile, touch and kiss I give him, every time we make love; I make sure I prove it over and over to not only him, but to myself as well, that what I feel for him is real, deep, and infinite. And so far, I'm sure I've succeeded.

I'm positive Cody knows he owns my heart.

The sound of the bathroom door closing wakes me up. I blink my eyes open, rubbing the sleep from them with the hand that's attached to the arm that Cody isn't laying on. Then I glance at the clock as I stretch as much as I possibly can without worrying about waking him up. It's around six-thirty. I yawn then look down at Cody, who's still laying half on top of me, using my chest as a pillow. I watch him, stroking his cheek lightly with my free hand for a while before I wrap my arm around him and close my eyes again, fully intending on going back to sleep.

Though, when I hear the bathroom door being opened, I reopen them. A second later, Mom walks out into the living room from the hall, heading towards the kitchen as she yawns. She doesn't notice me at first, but when she's halfway across the room, I see her eyes flicker to me. After doing a double take, she stares at me and then shakes her head before she continues to the kitchen.

"Why am I not surprised?" I hear her mumble under her breath as she disappears out of the room. I grin and close my eyes once more, tightening my arms around Cody.

I know there's going to be times where neither of us can get enough of each other, just like I know there's going to be fights and arguments. Cody and I both understand that it's not always going to be easy and simple, and we're prepared for that. We've promised each other that no matter how difficult it gets, we'll work through it. Neither of us is willing, nor ever will be willing, to let what we have fall apart. And in the end, I know things will turn out okay as long as he's with me.

Everything will be perfect as long as I have my Cody.