Unconditional Love

Written by: Miyano Ran

Chapter 1: Collapse on a Dreary Afternoon

It was a cloudy afternoon in March and students were already on vacation. It was surprising that in spite of the supposedly 'summer' month, the weather was quite dreary that day… it seemed as though it would rain cats and dogs anytime soon.

A teenage girl wearing a school uniform was walking on the sidewalk on the way home. She had to go to school that day because she went to school and received her report card. As the young lady took slow steps, she slowly opened the report card again and scanned its contents, and with that, she smiled in satisfaction. She had attained her ultimate success, being the highest in her batch, next year, she hoped that she would be the valedictorian because she was incoming fourth year high school. With a sleepy yawn, she closed her report card and put it back inside her sling bag.

As she continued walking, she remembered that she was having a bad headache since morning of the same day. Ever since she rose from her bed when the sunlight entered the transparent window all the way to shine her eyes, she had been feeling dizzy and weak. Her mother thought that she was sick and insisted her to stay home and her mom will get the report card for her instead but she kindly refused and assured her mother she was fine. But now, the headache was getting worst and she would be lying to herself if she said again that she was fine. She felt terrible; her head was spinning, then, her cheeks felt hot and body felt warm and her eyelids felt heavy. Being indifferent, she continued her steps.

She was nearing home and now she was positive that she was definitely sick. Her feet felt tired and her body felt frail as ever and the bleak atmosphere didn't help either. She sighed, touching her forehead, her hand jolted and retracted as though what she touched was on fire, her head was burning with fever! She groaned and thought of lying down her soft bed and put cold compress on her forehead and would wait for her mother's famous duck soup as soon as she reached home.

Suddenly, a massive feeling struck her… her legs trembled, her eyelids felt heavier than a moment ago and she felt the symptoms now. She smiled weakly, she was the smartest in health class… and she knew that if one has fast heart beat, it is a symptom of fever. Now, she could practically hear her heart thumping and thumping hard against her chest… she felt sweat fall from her face… her head was spinning once more and one breath escaped from her lips… and then, it was all dark.

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