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Unconditional Love

Written by: Miyano Ran

Chapter 8: A Happily Ever After

After several months of recovery, therapy included, Grace and Fred were finally discharged from the hospital and they were free to go home. There were still burn marks and scars left on them but most of their wounds have healed. They still had bandages, though, and they still had to ride the wheelchair since they cannot walk long distances. They were just glad they survived that day. Surviving that kind of fire was very rare and they were grateful to God for that.

"I could have never survived if you didn't come for me…" Grace reminded Fred with a tender smile. Grace and Fred were both seated on wheelchairs at the park under the same mahogany tree where they had their first kiss two years ago. Fred smiled back at her and answered. "Because I could never live happily without you…"

"You save me over and over again…" Grace said in a soft voice, almost crying. "My skin is not as beautiful now… because of my burn marks and my scars… I'm ugly…You might not like me anymore… and I'm so weak…" She said sadly while her eyes were cast downwards, tears falling. "I'm not that shallow." Fred said with a smile on his face.

"I have those scars, too… I told you…my love for you is unconditional… whether you're bald…or fat… or whatever… I still like you no matter what and that can never change… my love for you did not decrease one bit… Even compared to a beautiful tall model, I will still choose you… You are the only one… no one can ever replace…" Fred said with full of love and understanding while stroking her cheek as gently as he could, wiping her tears away.

"I am really grateful to have someone like you." Grace said with softness in her eyes. "Same here, Grace…" Fred said. "Hey… I'm not fat… nor am I bald!" Grace pointed out. "I know…I know…" Fred said with a laugh while looking at her with love and said. "I just said if…" "Oh…" Grace murmured with a small smile on her lips. Side by side, they were seated on their wheelchair, and somehow, Fred managed to give her a soft kiss on the lips. "Grace…" Fred said nervously. "I know this isn't the best time but…" Grace listened carefully. "…will you marry me?"

Grace's breath stopped for a moment, and a huge smile crept on her face. "Yes! Yes! I love you with all my heart, with all my soul and with my entire mind! Yes, I will marry you!" Grace responded merrily. "I'm so glad…" Fred whispered while caressing her cheek. "You're still beautiful… and besides… our wounds will soon heal." Grace smiled at him and said. "Even if you are not handsome, I will still love you… because my love for you is unconditional… my love knows no limits…"

"But I'm still handsome." Fred said proudly while laughing. Grace laughed with him. "I love you…" Fred whispered. And once again, under the mahogany tree, the lovers stayed and kissed. And so they wed in the Church after. Both of them became successful doctors and they had four children. They had a very happy family full of love. No matter how much the world changes, their love for each other will never change.

Their scars and burn marks simply represent the hardships and pain they are willing to go through just for the betterment of the other. They can go through anything together. And that is how much they both love each other. No words were said after, only good actions were done. Action speaks louder than words and true love is not simply a desire but a sacrifice and also for better or for worse. That may sound cliché, but it is true. And so, this story is sealed with the kiss of true love, a true love that can never be broken by time or distance.

The End

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