Creepy. That was the one and only word I could think of. This building looked creepy, and really old. I unbuckled my seat belt, staring out at the old, abandoned hotel.

"Oh John, look at it, it's beautiful!" My mom cooed. I rolled my eyes.

"It'll take some work, but I think we can do it!" My dad replied enthusiastically. My parents flung themselves out of the car, staring out at the building. I followed with way less enthusiasm.

I glanced at the lakes nearby. They were a strange eerie green. You couldn't see the bottom, and steam was rising off of them. I could feel their heat blowing towards me. The grass swayed gently, it was an odd shade of yellow. The sun had gone into hiding. I stared back at the building.

"What do you think Daisy?" My dad called out to me.

"It's old. Abandoned. Gross. Creepy." I made no secret of my dislike for my new home.

A couple of months ago, my parents had seen this building on a television show, and they had heard it was for sale. They bought it right away. My parents are John and Jane Donovan, and they love to restore old, run-down properties. That is why I am now standing outside the old, Hot Lakes Hotel.

My parents had a tiny house right beside the hotel built for us while they worked on the hotel. Their goal is to restore it to running order again, and run it as a real hotel. I'm going to be home schooled. Not that I really mind leaving high school behind, it was my last year anyway.

I looked at my new home/hotel in disgust. Wanna know what show my parents saw the hotel on? Scariest Places in the World. Apparently the place was crawling with ghosts. But then again, who believes in ghosts? They are just lame excuses people make for being scared of the dark. I am not scared of the dark, so I will be fine.

I grabbed my one little suitcase and trudged towards the tiny house nearby.

It wasn't a far walk. There were four small rooms. One bathroom -which I had to share with the whole family-, Two tiny bedrooms, and one main room that had an itty bitty kitchen, small couch and tv. My room was at the very back of the house, as far away from my parent's room as possible. They knew I liked my privacy.

"Daisy, sweetheart, come look in the hotel!" My mom squealed. I groaned and threw my suitcase towards the bed. My mom ran into the room, and began to tug me. We look similar, we both have green eyes, blonde hair, and a warm smile, only I was wearing a frown now. I let her tow me out of the house, I didn't resist. Had I resisted, she would have had trouble. I tower over her at 5'7.

She dragged me into the hotel.

The first thing I noticed was how cold it was. It was only October, but it felt freezing in here. My skin raised into goosebumps. I then noticed how trashed the place looked. Old papers decorated the floor. Spray paint was smeared across the walls. The lobby desk was broken and slanting towards the ground. The once beautiful benches in the lobby were busted. Not a single window remained intact.

"Go explore, I'm going to get your dad!" Mom sang as she pranced out of the lobby. I glanced around. There were two hallways. One was lined with broken windows, the other was darker, and led somewhere deeper into the hotel.

Naturally, I chose to go down the dark one.

I walked on cautious feet, avoiding the broken bits of glass everywhere. Even though there were few windows, broken glass decorated the floor. I was staring down at the ground when I slammed into something. I fell straight to the floor. I put my hands down to stop the fall, but I only ended up jabbing glass into my palms.

"Ouch!" I yelled as I got back up. I picked the glass out quickly. I got lucky, there were no tiny shards stuck in my skin. "Ew..." I muttered as I wiped the blood on my jeans and yellow shirt. What had I run into? I looked up and noticed a door. Oh. Doors. Maybe I should keep an eye out for those... I scolded myself as I leaned forwards to open the door. I yanked on it hard.


It wouldn't open. I yanked a second time, but to no avail. I stepped back and scowled at the door.

"Stupid piece of sh-" I was interrupted by the door groaning and opening by itself. "Stupid door." I stepped towards it, and felt suddenly tense, extremely nervous. My stomach began to turn itself in knots. I felt uneasy. Regardless, I stepped into the room. I noticed it was far, far colder than anything else I had experienced in the hotel. The room was white. Tiles covered the floor, white ones. There was a small drain in the center of the floor. All was white, except the area around the drain, it was red. A bloody red. Chills ran down my spine. Surely that couldn't be blood... Could it?

As I was thinking, I walked towards the bloody drain. I bent down to look at the stains, when I heard a slam. The door had shut behind me.

"Hello?" I yelled. I heard nothing, but felt a cool breeze brush past me.

"Get out now..." A female's voice whispered in my ear. I whipped around, but no one was there. I ran towards the door. I pulled it, but it wouldn't open. I tried again. It wouldn't open. That was when the screaming started. I'm sure someone outside the hotel could hear the screams. They were coming from inside this room. The room I was in. The screams were not mine.

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