He had been running for days and could feel what he was running to getting closer. His body was singing with joy at being closer to whatever was calling to him. His wolf side was howling a haunting yet captivating song. His wolf spirit was pushing his body to limits that it had never gone before.

His wolf sprit would not tell him where they were going. Not that the infuriating thing ever said much. Usually it just bossed him around demanding things like food or run. Yeah we weren't on speaking terms, but it could have been worse. It could have attacked him mentally which would have driven him insane. The sprit apparently didn't favor his new human.

Dodging trees and other things the forest consisted of, was becoming tiring, and his muscles felt like they were on fire. Everything was getting blurry. He was straining to

breathe his lungs felt like they were filled with water.

Suddenly he collapsed, pain was searing his body. It ached everywhere he had finally had reach his limit. The biggest torture was that whatever he had pushed himself so hard to get to was so close.

But slowly the torture faded, it was walking towards him. It was getting closer. He could feel it as it moved like he had an internal tracking device. His sprit was leaping around with joy. He was still in his wolf form and defenseless to whatever it was that was coming.

He could hear twigs snapping it got closer. He could see a rough shape with his internal radar. It was the shape of a tiny female werewolf. Well she wasn't that small it just seemed that way to him because of his massive size.

Slowly and very painfully he shifted back to his human form not wanting to scare whoever was about to find him. Even in his weakened state he would have been a terrifying sight to anyone. Let alone a human.

He was pretty sure that whatever was coming towards him was not human. Another wolf is what it smelled like, but he was always unsure of how accurate his new abilities were.

He could here a little female approach, but couldn't make out her features due to his wary eyes. Everything was sorely out of focus which was very dangerous, but some how he knew that the girl about to stumble upon his unfortunate situation would not harm him.

Suddenly she was bending over his pitiful form looking down at him with a wary, amused, and worried expression.

"What the hell are you doing there," She asked gently. He looked up at her face, and his breath caught in his throat. She….Was…..Amazing. She was twice as beautiful as Kaley. She was making my head spin, no, back up a second no one was supposed to be more beautiful than your heart mate. That's what they were called when your heart is tune with your partner's heart. There were two types of mates. Heart mates and soul mates, but soul mates were very rare.

Suddenly it hit him. He knew what it was that made her so special, she was his soul mate. His mate, not the dead guy's heart's mate, but his very own. Oh shit he had two mates. What was a fellow supposed to do with that?

"Are you ok?" She asked her tone was that of a worried stranger. It seemed odd that she would talk like he was a stranger considering what they meant to each other.

"Yeah I'll be fine just give me a second." He said trying to reassure her that everything would be fine. Slowly he sat up. His body was screaming at the strain of just sitting up. Once he sat up he swayed back and forth like a little tree would on a windy day.

"You don't look that fine," she said. "Here let me help you." she slowly approached him with a wary look in her eyes.

She bent over, and pressed her soft palm against his rough one. It sent shivers up his spine; she was so beautiful and soft. He now had a strong urge to touch more of her amazing body.

He pushed off the damp ground as she pulled him up. He didn't want to put too much strain on her small frame. Once he was off the wet mossy ground. She gently put one of his aching arms around her shoulders. She was wearing a tank top so he could feel her warm skin against his. And it was driving him crazy.

She had hair that fell to about the middle of her back. It had many different colors in it. It would have looked plain from a distance, but when got closer you could see the honey, red, silver, black, and browns.

She had a gentle plump mouth. Her eyes were like gentle pools of chocolate, they seemed so easy to fall into.

Suddenly it hit him. He knew what it was that made her so special, she was his soul mate. His mate, not the dead guy's heart's mate, but his very own. Oh shit he had two mates.

What was a fellow supposed to do with that? They stared at each other in a strange, wary silence.

She finally realized that they were staring at each other in a very heated loving way. She immediately broke eye contact, and blush a bright red, kind of like a tomato. She always blush around new people, and she was sort of surprised that it had taken so long for her to start blushing, usually she blushed around new people right away.

Not only that but she was helping this stranger, and she let him touch her. But she didn't feel the usual fear she got when someone besides family touched her. It was so confusing, she felt an urge to help him bring him to her home, and take care of him make him feel better. She never felt this safe with anyone but there was just something about this man that drew her in, like a bug to a light.

She had to admit he was a very striking man. He had the blackest hair she had ever seen, and his eyes were a little unnerving because of the way they clash with everything else about him. He had dark skin, dark hair, and light eyes it was a strange mix, but very beautiful none the less. His blue, gray eyes made her feel like they were peeking at her soul.

Her head reached about up to his chin. She would fit perfectly against him. At that thought she stumbled a bit. What was she thinking? He was a strange man she found in the forest!

The sane part of her brain was telling her, no this is not right, but there was a part of her that desperately wanted to find out just how perfectly she would fit against him. Man she was going crazy, but there was just something about him. He was perfect in her eyes.

Nothing has ever been perfect in her eyes. That meant that this man was someone she could never let go. She could tell in that instant that he was going to play a huge part in her life. And it scared her.

As he looked down at his little mate he could almost read her thoughts just by looking at her face. She was an open book, and he like it. With his other mate he could never tell what she was thinking she guarded her thoughts and heart from him.

But he was glad that she did because if she hadn't he would not have ever met his soul mate. She drove him away, and he found something beautiful.

His soul mate. Wow, he just couldn't believe that fate had blessed him to spend his life with the beautiful creature next to him. Suddenly he realized that he didn't know anything about her, but that could be fixed.

"What is your name," he asked quietly. She jumped a bit, and looked up at him and smiled gently.

"My names Darlene." she said it so quietly that he almost didn't hear her. She looked down and blushed bright red.

He really didn't care for it much when she wouldn't look at him and talk. It made him think that she didn't trust himAnd that stung a bit, but he let it slip after all they had just met.

"Well Darlene, my name is Seth." He said it in a soothing tone to make sure she didn't jump so much, it hurt his side.

"Nice to meet you Seth" she said quietly. "But may I ask what in the world are you doing out in the middle of the woods?"

Her tone changed it suddenly became much more stern. It was a tad bit intimidating, and he liked it. He bet that she could command him to do all kinds of things in that tone, very interesting things. Naughty thoughts are a no no, don't want to scare her away he thought silently. She looked like she could run fast.

"Well I ran here to find someone, someone that I think will change my life forever." he said this warily not sure how she would react. She turned her head gently to get a better look at him.

"Well it looks like you ran a bit too far." she paused and her expression went a little blank.

"I take it that you're a wolf too right?" She looked a little nervous, like she expected him to break out laughing.

He guessed if you were human, and someone asked you that, you would laugh or tell them to get their heads checked.

"Yep I'm a wolf." He said it like it was a well know fact to all mankind. "And I think I found what I was looking for."

"Well who is it I don't see anyone else around." she said looking around for someone who was not there. Wow, was it really not that obvious? It was just him and her.

"Umm, we're the only ones around, darling, so who else but you?" He said a bit arrogantly. She looked stunned; it was a very cute expression. Her eyes seemed to take up most of her face, but in a cute way. She was so adorable, mother will love her. Mother was always pushing girls on him she said that she would get grandchildren one way or another.

"What do you mean by that exactly." she looked up nervously she was biting her lip. He wanted to bite her lip too. His mind zoned out a bit when she did that. It is incredibly hot.

He shook his head of any naughty thoughts and concentrate on her question.

"I have a reason to believe that you are my soul mate," I blurt it out as fast as possible. And then start to fidget I was so freaking nervous it is like asking someone to marry you.

He was rudely pulled out of his thoughts when he hears her little bell like laugh. He absolutely loved the sound but was not quite sure that the reason behind it was going to make him that happy.

"What are you laughing at?" Laughing is no good.

"Well it's just that I was just complaining to my pack that I would never find a soul mate." she said in a matter of fact tone. But suddenly she looked up and smiled she was looking at him with her huge beautiful eyes.

He was shocked she didn't make a big fuss about it she accepted it, and he like that about her she could take something that's not great and put it into good terms. She was special and he would never let her get away now. He was in love.