I breathed. Air flowed into my sputtering lungs choking , gagging me . I coughed and hacked crawling forward my burning fingers pressing easily into the wet cool earth . The world around me was darkly silent . I pushed myself forward , out of the muddy ground , feeling my thighs free from the reclaiming suction . I took another breath , pulling myself forward until all of me was free from the greedy earth , shaking . I laid on the on the ground shaking and coughing as my entire burned and convulsed .

Cold pain enveloped my body , breaking the dark silent bubble that had engulfed me . I screamed , my throat burning as the piercing sound ripped from my mouth . My eyes tore open as I screamed , pain signing through my body , pain I was all to use to . I could feel hot wetness streaming down my face as I stared out into a dark , fuzzy world blinking . My scream died into a whimper as I stared out into the world , pain flaring through my body in bright frequent burst . The familiar metallic scent of blood swirled in the air angrily , clinging to my minced lips , swollen tongue and burning throat .

I moaned pressing my self against the ground blinking as the world brightened and bloomed , assaulting me with sharp images after what seemed to be a life time of darkness . It was dark. It was raining. And I could see trees . Beautiful ,tall trees ,that soared above my pain filled head , with branches that stretched outwards overlapping other branches from other glorious trees . I whimpered closing my eyes , entering myself once again into a world of darkness . I opened my eyes and the trees , the dark sky and the rain where still there . They were still there .I cried , as I stared at the trees and the dark night sky , even though the pain of my salty tears mixing with the gaping cuts hurt . The hurt didn't bother me .

I laid there starring at the world around me , seeing it like I had never seen it before. It was beautiful and bright ,even in the darkness of night it was bright . I watched as the dark clouds moved passed leaving the sky open and the stars and moon shining . My body started to shake , awakening old pain in my stiff joints , making my bloody lips tremble and my teeth clatter together . I whimpered as I drew my limbs together feeling muscles move in aching protest as I curled myself together . Why was I shaking ? I was in pain , but not in much ,no where near as much . Cold. The word whispered through my mind settling deep inside my mind . I was cold . I slowly looked down at my mud caked skin , seeing my skin drawn up in tight ridges of bumps from where the rain had washed away bits of mud .

I was cold and wet . Something about the two of these combinations stirred around inside my mind , making me remember things that I have long since forgotten . Exposure . It was bad to be exposed to the elements . I could die .

My lips curved into a strange expression as a forgotten emotion stirred inside of my stomach . A dry laugh whispered from my throat , making me shake harder . I was amused . My lips pulled back further baring my clacking teeth as I laughed , amused . Pain washed away my amusement leaving me panting and gasping as muscles constricted upon one another in a wash of agony . I pulled myself tighter together ,teeth grinding into one another riding the hurt .

" Hello." a voice called out . I opened my eyes ,hissing at the pain , starring at person who stood calmly by the soaring tree . A man. I hissed again , staring at the man that stood calmly beside the tree watching me wither on the ground .

" Are you all right , m'am ?" he called out . I bared my teeth at him , a low growl rumbling from my chest . His words sounded strange to my ears , even though I understood the speech . His eyes widen flickering from left to right but he did not move . " I'm not here to hurt you." he spoke , again the language seeming wrong to my ears . He took a slow step forward , eyes watching me .

I growled again , pulling my bleeding lips as far back as they could go ,ignoring the hot throb of pain . He froze in place wide eyes watching me , arms held limply at his side .

" I promise , I won't hurt you." he whispered staring at me , dark shadows playing against his face . I growled and pressed my limbs together , whimpering at the small movement . " I came here to help you. I can help you. Do you understand?" he cocked his head to the side . I hissed at him . Of course I understood his pretty language that was so soft and sweet . He nodded his head , taking another step forward ,placing him an arm width away from me. " If I don't help you , you are going to die." he whispered .I laughed . Die? I had faced worse than Death . I had faced worse than him and his soft tongue and sweet promises . " M'am . You need my help . Your seriously hurt." he pleaded , voice rising a few octaves . Fear washed through the air , mingling with the scent of blood and pain . I took a deep breath and smiled feeling my lips curl upwards with amusement . He took a deep breath and I watched as he pushed his fear down inside of him , trying to cover it with a brave face . " M'am , I'm going to pick you up now …" he whispered stepping closer bending down , large hands reaching for me . I attacked .

I launched myself off the ground into him , screaming . He fell to the ground , and I followed him . I dropped onto him , growling and scratching madly at him , feeling his flesh give away underneath my shaking hands . He wrapped a hand around my waist and pulled at me , throwing me off of him ,sending me crashing into the damp ground .Pain racked through my body and I screamed wrapping my burning arms around myself , wishing I could fade into blackness but I knew it would not come .

The man swirled before my fuzzy eyes , talking in his pretty words , wrapping a warm hand against me , pulling me off the cold earth that had given me birth . The beautiful world titled around me as I felt him move me , carrying me from the trees , from the cold ground . I hissed and spat weekly feeling my weary eyes grow heavy and my body grow warm , my body betraying me , lulling me into horrid darkness .