Flesh was stripped from my bones . I watched as he ate my flesh a strip at a time , his goat slit eyes dancing with pleasure as his jagged teeth tore into my stripped tissue .

" Scream for me Rene. Scream for me." he laughed in his twisted guttural language , chunks of my body spraying from his wide mouth splattering on my bloody muscles . I would not scream . Screaming only gave him pleasure. Screaming would only feed his bottomless hunger .

" No." I spat , even though my tongue had long been turned into a bloody stump . He grinned ,swallowing the rest of his food , and clapped his humanoid hands , jumping from foot to foot in unadulterated glee .

" Oh ,Rene .You never disappoint !"he cackled , moving closer to my ruined body , and smiled as he tore into me , giggling as he raped me .

My eyes opened. I stared at a white ceiling , body rigid , wondering where he was . Had I screamed for him ? Had I yelled and begged for him to stop ? I could not remember . I blinked again , ignoring the steady thrum of pain .

" Your awake!" a male voice exclaimed in a sweet and pure language . I frowned and turned my head to the side , starring at the man . A human man wearing clothing , lounging in a plush chair , setting a book on his lap . I blinked and took a deep breath . The world did not shift and transform into the brutal nightmare of him but stayed the same . It was real . The man , the soaring trees and the glorious stars before the darkness was all real. I felt my lips curl into a tired smile .

" Are you hungry ? " he asked slowly getting up form his chair . I frowned and slowly licked my lips ,tasting earth ,blood and fear . I glared at him , nodding my head softly as I felt my stomach rumble . He laughed and smiled . " Good , I made plenty of breakfast .I have the food on the table." he smiled wlaking away ,out of my vision. I frowned and slowly pushed myself upwards ,feeling my limbs protest shakily . I sat up , gasping and sweating ,exhausted . The blanket fell away from my torso and I stared at at myself . There was no mud , bandages covered gashes along my ribs , and deadly white scars puckered all around my flesh covering every inch of chest .

" I..I tried to wake yout o get in a shower , but you wouldn't wake the toehr night , so , I kind of sprayed you down with the house outside .Sorry." He frowned face reddening . I pressed my lips together and looked up at him . I could care less what he did . " Do you want cloth-"

I stood slowly up form the soft bed , the blanket pulled around my feet as I shakily straighten my body . The rest of my body was covered in puckered scars , some old and white ,others fresh and an angry red . I looked up at the man , as he stood there gaping at me . I scowled and took a step forward ,as shaky and weak as a new born foal .

" Hold on , I should help you." he said rushing towards me . I glared at him , snarling as I took a step forward by myself ,letting my body, my mind adjust to my legs . He froze inches away from me , biting his lip , fear reeking off him .

" The kitchen is this way." He mumbled pointing to a small hallway . The smell of food washed over me as I tenderly made it into the wall way my legs growing stronger with each step . The man followed beside me ,arms stiff by his side , eyes constantly watching me . I growled at him and took a quicker ,longer step forward despite the hot pain .

I walked into the kitchen ,panting but no longer leaning on the wall , or shaking . He darted in front of me pulling out a wooden chair as I strode into the kitchen . The aroma of food assaulted senses . My stomach cramped in hunger , my mouth watered with need and I wanted the food that laid on the small round table . I rushed clumsily towards the table and attacked the food , digging my ahnds into the hot yellow mush pile , shoving into my mouth , swallowing large bits of the fluffy food , chewing only few .

I groaned and closed my eyes as I tasted the food . It was wonderful to taste the food ,to feel it in my mouth and swallow it down into my rumbling stomach . I scooped as much food as I could get nito my hands shoving it into my mouth until I could barely breath forcing myself to chew , choke or swallow the delicious food . I grabbed blindly around the table shoving whatever my hand clasped around into my mouth , savoring the texture , the taste and smell of the food as I devoured all that laid before me.

" Stop ! Stop." the human shouted grabbing my arm .I screamed , spraying food across the table ,at him as I hit him with my fist , knocking him away from me . I growled at him as he sat on the floor staring up at me in horror , blood flowing from his nose freely.

" Do not touch me." I spat turning back to the heavenly food and gorged myself upon the feast . I felt my stomach expand and felt my body fill with food ,until it begged me to stop , to eat no more. I ignored its protest and continued to eat , until it came back up in violent heaves of liquid mush pooling across the table and onto the floor .I chocked and spattered as the last heave wracked my body ,leaving me exhausted and empty . I groaned falling back to the floor , landing in my own filth .

" I told you to stop." he frowned in his sweet voice . I moaned and looked up at him , blinking away the salty liquid from my eyes .

" Go to hell." I cursed at him feeling my lips curl again into the smile . He froze above me ,looking down at me ,emotions flickering across his face .

" What in the hell kind of language was that !" he cried taking a step back from me , eyes wide. I smiled , showing him my teeth , chuckling .What in the hell indeed .