The man grew silent watching me with large eyes . I glared at him , and slowly stood , letting my filth drip and slide off of me onto the floor . Filth. I was covered in my own filth . I licked my tender lips ,tasting bile , blood ,and food . I stepped forward my foot squishing down in my cooling bile .

He stood perfectly still , as I slowly walked towards him , smiling into his round flickering eyes . He pressed himself closer to the wall , further form me . He reeked of fear. I took a deep breath , leaning into him , letting his fear sink into my senses . Letting amusement flow through me .

" Hell." I breathed , staring into his jumpy gaze , wincing as my voice strained to form the beautiful soft words of his language. " I speak in hell." I whispered again , watching his eyes widen further . I smiled, enjoying the sensation of my lips curling upwards .

" Not possible." he whispered ,staring at me .I laughed .

" Yesss." I hissed into his face , watching him jump at my strangled words . I smiled and leaned back ,watching him ,laughing. Thousands of thoughts and denials drifted through his transparent face , portraying everything that passed inside of his mind .

" Hell. You came from hell ." he croaked looking up at me , knowledge filtering through his eyes . I smiled and nodded , crouching on the floor , staring up at him . " I knew you were different , I mean why in the hell else would they tell me to go in the woods in middle of the fucking night ?! They never send me to rescue or help a God damn kitten ,or a regular fucking human ! No ,they send me to help a fucking demon !" He yelled , throwing his hands into the air as he paced back and forth . I hissed pushing myself upwards , fist clenched by my side.

" No demon ." I hissed at him . I was no demon ,he had been a demonI had always been human . The man stilled in his pacing staring at me , shivering . " Not a demon ." I growled stepping forward , baring my teeth .

" Right your not a demon , your just, …what?" he asked in the lovely language . I licked my lips and stared at him .

" Human." I breathed feeling memories long forgotten ,rise inside of me . I squashed the reminiscent thoughts down , growling ,refusing to let them rise . " Once Human." I grunted correcting myself .

" Once human … what in the hel-heck does that mean ?" he frowned watching me . I smiled and let my fingers trace down the length of my body , rising over the scars and bandages of my torso .

" To long there.' I hissed , watching his eyes follow my hand." To much, to little different." I breathed staring down at my body ,knowing that every scar that covered my body was a reflection of my putrid my time in Hell.

" H-How long where you there?" He asked looking up . I licked my lips and looked down at the bandage on my ribs , frowning .

" 93 human years." I growled ripping the bandage off , throwing it to the floor. I looked up and smiled at him letting my finger press into the wound until familiarity of pain wrapped around me ." Nine hundred ninety three thousand in Hell years." I laughed , watching his face pale. I pulled my fingers away from the throbbing wound and stared down at my fingertips , admiring the soft red that coated them.

" You made the wound open !" He cried grabbing for my hand . I snarled , jerking myself backwards from his reach . " Fine . Bleed to death ." he grumbled . I smiled slowly bringing my bloody fingertips to my mouth , letting them rest on my lips .

" Not afraid." I smiled rubbing my lips together , tasting the salty metallic essence .

" I-I guess not." he paled . I smiled and nodded my head .Frowning as I felt my throat dry and ache in the too familiar sense of thirst .

" Water." I growled .

" Ok." he squeaked hurrying to the metal sink and pulling the tap upwards letting clear ,pure water flow into a glass cup . He handed it to me, hand shaking .I laughed and took the cup form his hand and greedily drunk the water , amazed at the wonderful taste . I smacked my lips handing him the cup . My limbs tingled and my eye lids felt heavy , my head feeling heavy . I frowned looking at the man , wondering if he was doing this .

" Are you tired ? " he asked me , hands clutching the glass .I frowned and nodded my head. Tired. I had forgot what it felt like .I had forgot what many things felt like.