Ok, maybe I stalk him.

So what?

I don't see the problem with that.

It is not like I'm very likely, like not at all, to yank him into some dark alley in the night as he's walking home from his job, which is a library desk person by the way, and have my wicked way with him.

I just like following him.

To tell you the truth I'm a really bad stalker.

I don't even know his name.

It all started last summer.

My best friend Amie and I had gone to the beach to catch some sun rays and relax.

We were lying there all nice and peaceful like when she announced that she was bored.

So she came up with a game to play.

She decided that each of us were to pick a cute guy that caught our interest out from the crowd of cute guys at the beach.

Then for one whole day we would stalk him. We would follow him where ever he went, including his house or his girlfriend's house if he had one or boyfriend whatever.

The catch? We had to act like spies while stalking them.

So that included running around like idiots, hiding behind bushes and poles and the corners of building, or ducking behind some old lady with a walker and a really ugly bald dog… not that I did that.

Amie picked your typical surfer beach dude, blond hair, tan, fit…

I however, picked the black haired guy sitting by himself on a rock. He wasn't talking to anyone, just enjoying the sun and reading a book.

He was very much absorbed in his book. He didn't even notice when the guys playing beach volleyball a few yards away from him began shouting at each other and started fighting.

So I had found my stalking victim.

Amie headed off to stalk her surfer and I was left alone on the beach.

Surrounded by males I didn't know.

Creepy right?

So when my victim finished his book, he stood up, put it in his back pocket on his jeans, and walked off towards town.

I waited a few seconds before following him.

I stalked him all day.

I followed him to the diner where he ordered a vanilla milkshake and a cucumber sandwich which I thought was really weird. But the waitress knew his order so she just asked "Same as usual?" and he nodded.

I followed him to the library where I found out he worked behind the desk and helped people find books. But when people would ask for help he'd look the book up on the computer and then go find it for them without talking.

I followed him to a cliff where he sat and read another book.

I followed him to a car garage when he began to work on an old car, putting parts together and all that jazz.

And I followed him to what I assumed to be his house, where he went in and shut the door.

Not once during that day did I hear him talk.

Which is weird. He went all day without talking.

So that peaked my interest.

For the rest of my vacation, which was a month, I followed him every Monday and Friday.

Not once did I hear him talk.

Anywho back to the present.

I returned to the beach this summer and guess what… I began to stalk him again.

Yeah, I know, weird.

I had been following him every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for three weeks.

And the great thing was I didn't have to stop following him when I left because I wasn't leaving.

I had applied and gotten into a college around here. Yeah I'd have to cut back on my stalking hours, but at least I could still follow him around, and hopefully one day get to hear him talk.

I know he isn't mute because I saw him on the phone with someone. But I was too far away to hear what he was saying so I couldn't hear him.


I walked onto the cool sand in the morning and looked over towards the rock which I have come to consider as his.

There he was.

Reading a book, peaceful as ever.

His black hair was being ruffled about by the wind and it kept going in his eyes.

It annoyed me very much.

I settled down on the sand and pulled out my own book that I would pretend to read while watching him.

After about an hour or two, he got up, stretched and took off his shirt.

This had never happened before.

God he is pretty. And yummy. And Mmmm.

Then he took off his pants and all he had left on were boxers.

Interesting boxers they were too, they said "Like what you see?" on them.

And hell yeah.

Wait a second, he's taking off his boxers.

Shit ,cover eyes.

I rolled over on the sand and coved my eyes and began muttering to myself.

"See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil…" over and over again.

I keep my eyes coved for more than half an hour.

Then I cautiously removed my hands and opened my eyes.

There were feet by my face.

I looked up.

He had his clothes back on thank god, but he had forgotten his shirt… not that I really minded.

He smiled at me.

How odd.

He then proceeded to very obviously check me out, smirked and walked off.

I gaped after him for a few minutes.

Then scrambled to my feet and hightailed it after him.

But I couldn't find him.

I went to the library, but there was some mousey looking guy behind the counter.

I went to the diner, but it was closed.

I went to the cliff, but all that was there was grass and rocks and some creepy girl that was doing some sort of tribal dance around a bird cage that that a hamster in it.

I went to the car garage, but his car was sitting there unfinished without him working on it.

I went to his house but all the lights were off.


Those were all his usual places.

I walked around the town looking for him. But to no avail, he was nowhere to be found.


Where was he?

I spent the rest of the day looking for him.

However I was forced to give up when it began to get dark and trekked home.

I jumped up on my rented beach house's porch and went to unlock the door.


I slowly turned around.

My eyes met a pair of dark eyes. I couldn't fully tell what color they were because the sun had already set.

He was standing rather close to me. About one and a half feet away.

This was closer than I had ever been to him.

We kind of just stared at each other.

I took this opportunity to examine him from close up.

He had a strong chin, followed by nice full lips and a straight thin nose.

High cheekbones and very shaggy black hair that keep blowing in his eyes

An altogether very nice sculpted face.

"Hi?" I managed to say.

He chuckled and smiled.


He was British.

His voice was nice and husky with a British accent.

A great voice to wake up to in the morning or to go to sleep to.

Argg, don't think like that, those thoughts will only land us in a real deep lake with no boat, no paddle, and no shore in sight... and no cheese to snack on.

He waved his hand in front of my face.

Hmmm, I guess I kinda zoned out for a second there.


He smirked.

I cocked my eyebrow.

Or at least attempted to. You see I've wanted to be able to do that all my life and I'm of the philosophy that if you keep working at something you will attain it.

However so far all my philosophy has done for me is gotten me a lot of strange looks.

Like the one I'm getting right now.

From the hot guy on my porch.

He was smirking at my attempt to cock my eyebrow while slightly laughing at me.

He then proceeded to very obviously raise his eyebrow, rubbing in the fact that I couldn't do it.

I somewhat tried to glare at him, but the problem was that he looked really badass doing it so instead of glaring at him I leaned forward and kissed him.

That's right folks, I, Sonya Nikita Hasbrook, kissed him.

Of course I pulled back right away and took two large steps backwards and started muttering apologies and going on about how I forgot to give my cat her meds this morning so I was a little bit off. Which really doesn't make much sense but oh well.

He just stood there and stared at me.

I shut up and began looking around for an escape route.

More staring.

And some more.

I figured that I probably should give some kind of explanation and leave, or run the hell away from this very awkward situation.

"I'm so very sorry, I just couldn't help myself, you see I've been stalking you for a while now and you looked really badass doing that eyebrow thing and I just couldn't help myself, and I totally get it if you want to call the cops and tell them that someone is sexually harassing you, I'll even lend you my phone it's right inside, but you probably don't want to come inside because I might jump you, not that I am going to jump you or anything but you really don't know that and you probably think that I'm some sort of creepy obsessed insane pers-"

His mouth did a very good job of shutting my rambling mouth up.

I swayed towards him and wound my hands around his neck and his hands found their way to my hips to pull me closer.

I regained my right state of mind and pulled back a little, but not all that far, just far enough that my lips weren't touching his anymore.

"You could have just asked me to shut up."

"I could have, but this was so much more fun for both of us."

"Looky here buster, I'm not the type of girl that just goes around kissing random guys."

"I'm not random, you said it yourself, you been stalking me for a while now, and besides you kissed me first."

"That is completely beside the point!"

"No, I think that is the point."

"Shut it miser."

"You see my way of making you shut up was much more pleasant for both of us, maybe you should try my method."

I glared at him.

And sighed, and kissed him again.

We pulled apart after some time.

"So what's your name?" I asked him.

"Travis, you?"



"So how did you know where I lived anyway?" I asked.

"How do you think?"

"You looked it up?"

"Why would I do that when it was so much easier to stalk you?"

My mouth flopped open.

"Stop that you look like a fish."

"OK, really, you can shut your mouth now."


He sighed and swooped down and kissed me.

That got my attention.