My left hand intertwined with yours,

While they rested on your thigh,

I was seeking to relay comfort,

To tell you, "You can tell me."

Who knew you were about to say,

The most dreaded words,

You promised you were never going to say to me.

Six words and six syllables, I counted.

Looking at you, I don't know what to think anymore.

Such pain and hurt, feelings which can't be comprehended nor should be experienced,

I'm inside my mind and have no idea what I'm showing on to the surface.

Going completely numb and definitely do not know the path to follow,

My heart is heavy, an unfamiliar crushing it inch by inch.

If the organ itself had breath, its lungs would be robbed of respiration.

Reaching past the point of endurance, I trudged away.

A/N: 10th line modified lyric from A Fine Frenzy's Near to You. 12th line, I might have used before to describe emptiness, but that's ok.