Quickly we moved into the sand, the tracks left from the boots of Achilles, were fading rapidly.

Where he had gone was unknown to us, as well as what his status was at the time.

Although we would have been ordered not to by our superiors, there were no superiors left alive to give the order.

The last time I saw any of them was on the ship, the cold pressing air at the time surged through the cabin doors and left a preemptive death to those brave men.

It wasn't until seconds later that I would have wished that the night was more summer toned.

When we arrived on the beach and began to search for Achilles, I wished that I could have given them all a proper good bye before the ship was destroyed.

As we continued following the minuscule markings of the trail left by Achilles, we could been told that the manner in which traveled along the trail was impractical towards the trail's set up.

Then, there crouched down near a large pit in the desert, Achilles stood, his uniform light green, but now stained with dirt and sand on the chest front.

His hair had a fine brown toning to it, it elapsed the major aspect of dirty and grit like, as several flakes of sand occasionally fell off of it from time to time.

By this time, Achilles could have known he was once again in a bad situation had he paid attention.

But yet he stood crouched on the rim of a crater like sand dune, watching a hostile a small hostile village operate.

I easily walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder, in an instant he turned himself towards me, fists in the air, ready to defend himself.

He was an excellent fighter, but nowhere near as strong as me.

"You are clearly a fucking moron you know that?", I said dragging him away from the crater.

"What?", he asked.

"You know what, you can't just go running off pretending your some hero, we live by rules and codes".

"Leo relax, how long have we known each other?".

"Don't bring our friendship into this Achilles, you know the military is profession first, unity second".

"Always by the rules huh?", Achilles said.

"You know Leo, you just will never get it will you, you just never will", Achilles continued.

Achilles then joined the group, then we walked down from the crater, to the intermediate ground between our previously set camp and the crater itself.

The area we chose to set up camp in was a simple flat land of some sand structures.

To a blind man, it would have been paradise, but to our eyes, we were disgusted by it.

The revolting sludge, tiring muck landfills, waste and remains left everywhere, it was a swamp, a graveyard, and a bayou all in one.

"If anyone complains, I'll make it better", I said holding a small paring knife I took from the ship's kitchen cabinet.

I then pointed the knife to my eye to signify what I meant.

"Got it?", I asked.

The whole group nodded, almost completely afraid.

I had cut body parts off people before, but never the eye, and luckily nothing else that day.