Then the morning after, we had woke up, and I had went back to the radio; in hopes of trying to recontact the U.S.

Landslide, that's the word that described it, the people were in so much pain that Congress voted.

And with 63 votes over 47, to avoid war, war was declared on Egypt.

Hearing them finish speaking, I threw the listening device back into the radio.

Then I flipped the living room couch over, and rushed out into the sand dunes of the desert.

There I fell upon my knees, telling the entire endless sea of sand dunes, my anger at the world.

Though none alone knew why, I knew then that I was truly cursed.

I knew then for some unknown and oddity of a reason, I was damned to walk this earth as a blood thirsty war dog.

Going back into the house, I pretended this didn't happen, none of this happened, it was yesterday.

That was it, it was yesterday, and I was being treated greatly by Cooper and Melanie.

It was yesterday, and Acler was alive.

It was yesterday and there was no war.

I remember I had even rote that sentence in my journal almost a thousand times over.

I had almost driven myself mentally insane writing the words.

With the thoughts continuously repeating themselves, Melanie occasionally would come by, or routinely came by.

She came by every few minutes to make sure I was alright, as I kept shaking while I was writing the pages and later the cover of my journal.

Later on I gathered myself together at about four o'clock, and delivered the message to Cooper, Melanie and Achilles.

The three stood waiting in the kitchen as I began "This morning I contacted the U.S."

"We're going to war with the Egyptian rebels", I said as the words were almost too painful too say.