They all yelled "don't let go"

Holding their breaths as she laid there cold

Her eyes were open but yet were so calm

Not shaking, not trembling, not a tear had fallen

And then she turned her head and looked at me

So I moved forward so she could see

She stared at me for the longest time

Her eyes just staring right into mine

And then she spoke in the most beautiful voice

I was scared to listen but felt I had no choice

She said" dear, there's nothing to fear

Death is just a way to be free everyday

It's not worth living if you never die

It sets your goals and allows us time

And death is not bad, it is just a gate

Allowing us to enter for heaven waits

And all you're seeing is an act of truth

So look closely for here's your proof

For heaven cares for all who dare

To believe in the lord, who are willing to walk toward

So my child, there nothing to fear

For death has arrived but heaven is here"

And then slowly she closed her eyes

And I bent my head down and whispered goodbye

I felt I understood now than ever before

And these words she said, I shall never ignore

And I can still imagine myself if I had walked away

And never listened to what she had to say

I would still be scared of what death had to bring

So scared of dying, that I stopped living

So now when I bend my head down, I can see her face

And I know death can come, but it can bring grace