The Garden.

Loberly Hills was a great place to live. Everyone was rich and had money, everyone always seemed to be happy.

Except one little girl, named Sally. She had a perfect life. Everyone liked her, her family was really kind, and her parents where rich.

She only felt sad because on the edge of Loberly Hills there was a big wall. No one knew what was on the other side of the wall. No one cared.

Except Sally, who hated not knowing stuff, like most girl of the age of 13 she didn't like people keeping secrets away from her.

Sally came home early from school one day, to discover a note. The note was from her parents it said that they had to work and that they wouldn't be home for another hour. She decided she would find out what was on the other side of the wall.

She rode her bike, on and on, until she reached the wall. She jumped off her bike almost hurting herself. But Sally was strong and it took a lot to make her cry.

She began to climb the perfectly bricked wall. After what seemed like a very long time she got to the top. She looked over to the other side. The weather was awful and the ground looked like it was just dirt. But that wasn't what bothered Sally.

It was like a big garden that someone had forgotten to look after. But what worried Sally was when she began to find away down so she could go home, she heard something in the bushes. She quickly turned to see a boy running away. She got sad when she saw him, because the garden was a horrible place to live.

He had pale, white skin and messy black hair. He was very skinny and ran very funny. He wore dirty rags and had no shoes. Sally couldn't see his face, though.

Sally had a great idea, she would go down into the garden and find the boy and take him back to Loberly Hills to live with her family. She decided to jump from the top, because she wanted to get home before her parents, and it would have taken a long time for her to climb down. She landed on the hard, dirt ground with a thump. Her arms and legs got dirty and her clothes ripped. She just got up and dusted her self off, because it took a lot to make Sally cry.

Sally ran towards where the boy ran, she could soon see the back of him. He was still running but because he ran so funny he was very slow, so she caught up to him fast. When she got to him she noticed he was shaking. She asked him, if he wanted a friend. But the boy just stood, looking away from Sally, Sally decided to try and comfort him, she put her arm on his shoulder and told him.

"Don't be scared, I'll let you come live with me and my nice family." He must have hated the place, because he turned around fast just at the suggestion of leaving.

Sally was shocked when the boy turned around. Because the boy had no smile. Not even a mouth.

Sally decided to speak to him, "What happened to your mouth."

The boy tried to speak but he just couldn't.

Sally told him to follow her and they ran back to the wall. She told him to climb. This side was much more harder to climb than the other one but they still managed.

When they reached the top the looked out at the other side, Sally forgot how beautiful it was that she forgot that the boy was standing beside her.

She just jumped off the wall and walked towards her bike. She then heard a voice yell from the top of the wall. The voice said "Thank you!" Sally looked straight up to see the smiling boy. Sally had no idea what had happened, she looked at the boy who now had a mouth. She was confused but she was also happy, more happy then she had been in her whole life. She spoke back up to him, "What did I do?" He looked down at her, still smiling, "Well, you gave something to smile at." Sally felt sad for the boy, who never had anything to smile at, but she helped him.

Sally began to cry.