Sweet Is Revenge- Chapter One- Finally


I'll watch you bleed.


That's all I need.

Black Flag- Revenge lyrics


Everyone else had forgotten for the most part. When they did remember it was with a laugh and a joke. Nobody cared that he had been killed. It was a relief, it was as if someone had squashed the pestering fly in the kitchen. He wasn't even a human being to them. They never cared. They should have slaughtered the bitch that had killed him. We are family, that is what family is supposed to do. If there is a traitor, get rid of them. That was protocol, but nobody followed it for that incident. Nobody was effected by it in any negative way, or so they thought.

If that was the truth, I wonder if anyone could explain to me why I watched my mother whither away to nothing as I grew into a man. Can anyone tell me why, a beautiful young woman died, quite literally, of a broken heart? They ripped not only my father's life away from him, but my mother's away from her as well. And in a sense, they had stripped me of my life too.

How do you explain to a four year old boy the evils of the world? How do you make him understand that there are bad people who kill without thinking twice? How do you tell him that one day, he would be one of those people? It is not a woman's job to do that. It's the job of the father, the male role in the family, to raise the son to be a warrior, fierce in battle, guarded in all situations, never trusting anybody but yourself. Instead I had my mother for that.

And she did a damn good job.

You would too, if you held so much bitterness in your heart. If you cried every single damn day for a man who would never be coming back. Sooner or later, that bitterness would creep up, and you would plan revenge too. That is exactly what my mother did. She formulated a plan, meant for me to follow through with. And I swore to her that I would.

Twenty years is a long time to wait. I had started searching for them when I turned twenty and was allowed access into files of our gang. I didn't have much luck. So I searched and hunted and came up short handed each and every time. I had to admit that Frances was good at his job. If there was anything that he didn't want anyone else to see, they wouldn't see it. But I refused to give up.

Finally, after searching every inch of the office, I came across a secret drawer in his desk, and there was the information I needed, among other things that I could use to my advantage to advance to the top when the time came. Nobody truly trusted me, because I was the spawn of the man who was possibly the worst leader ever known in the group. If he hadn't have gotten caught with his shady dealings, they would have thought he was the best. It's a shame how one slip up can change everything.

Four years of searching day and night, and finally I found her records. She really used the family to her advantage. They even paid for part of her fucking wedding to a man who was an enemy. What was so special about this woman that she could get everybody to bend over backwards for her? How could she get Frances, Donovan, and my father to break every rule we had for her? How could one person be so damn special? I was about to find out, before I killed her as mercilessly as she killed him.

I wasn't going to stop there though, that was the last step. No, I was going to kill her bastard of a husband, and her children before I killed her. She had a daughter, I could use that to my advantage. Make the daughter fall for me, get in good with the family, weasel my way into their lives and play the good guy. They would have no idea what hit them until it was too late. I smiled at the thought. Yes, the perfect plan.

Fortunately I had good looks on my side. I could make any woman fall for me, and I did. Granted, it was cruel of me because I was in no way looking for a serious relationship. Just a good roll in the bed. Women were no good for anything else. I also have a way with words. Empty promises are my specialty. Flattery, I've mastered it. Most guys would kill for talent like mine. Yes, their little girl would be completely corrupted before she died and the rest would follow.

The first thing I did when I found the information was to make copies so Frances didn't know I had been snooping again. I would not make the same mistakes as those before me and get caught. I wasn't that stupid. The second thing I did was visit my mother's grave and tell her all about it. I imagined she was looking down at me and smiling triumphantly. Finally someone was going to avenge her death and the death of her lover. There would be justice.

And then, wasting no time, I packed some clothes and other essentials and made my way to the family I'd been searching so long for. I blasted my music up, lit up a cigarette and smiled. They had no idea. I was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Alright, there's chapter one for the Sequel. Tell me what you think please. I only have the first few chapters written up, so updates are probably going to be slow. I also don't have a concrete plot, but I have some ideas that will be exciting if I can write them the way I want to. I hope I won't disappoint!