Quit You

It's withdrawal for sure

Never meant to be this way

Got cut off so suddenly

Can't get my head around it

Can't stop obsessing about it

I'm sweating from my eyes

Jitters in my heart

I still reminisce about the high of our love

Everything felt so good

It was a permanent high

Spoiled for 365 days

Sinking into this depressive state

I don't have a patch for you

There are too many memories

Sometimes I don't remember life before you

I sunk too deep

Clung to you like I believed you clung to me

So maybe you have yourself another drug

You're so high right now

I've never been so low

We've never been so far apart

It's stupid to think that we were so different

But I still dreamed of forever

I was Advil and you were heroin

We were never on the same level

It's too hard to quit you

You're in my veins, the voice in my head

That brings down my day