I wish I could show you how much you hurt me

That way at least you might have a chance to understand,

But that will never happen because you don't seem to care.

I wake up everyday and I paint that damn smile on my face.

I put it there so you won't see what you put me through.

So I might have a chance to get over you.

You can't see this means so much to me; it's more than everything.

I would do anything just to have it all back, but you don't understand that.

You never thought it meant this much to me; well news flash: it does.

I have days when I honestly convince myself that I'm over you.

I tell myself the multiple reasons why I should yet don't hate you,

I tell myself the multiple reasons why I shouldn't love you.

When I see your smile, it always puts me back in that place,

The place I feel as though I belong; yet at the same time, know I don't.

& It kills me to see that this is okay with you, but it's killing me.