Stunning didn't even begin to describe her. As she started down the stairs he was speechless. Her dress was a deep almost purple-blue that made her hair look even more black and gave it what seemed to be highlights of feint blue. The dress clung to her curves and accentuated all the right things. The make-up she'd applied was so natural and subtle that he would never have know she even wore make-up except that he'd seen her face so many times without it, both in childhood and recently. She wore as jewelry, only silver stud earrings and a silver bracelet he'd given her when they were 16. Her normally straight hair was in an elegant, simple, sweeping up-do that made the entire effect even more amazing. His eyes followed a single strand of hair up from where it hung at the base of her neck, up her throat and the classic beauty of her delicate but strong bone structure, to her eyes. Her eyes. Her gorgeous, iridescent eyes. As seamless as her make-up was it still managed to enhance her potent hazel eyes, making them look even more green, and more dazzling, than they already were. The over-all effect was that of elegant beauty, that was as simple as it was sophisticated.

He suddenly wished that he was not there as the 'childhood friend and protector'. He suddenly wished he was there after having had the courage and intelligence to ask her to go with him as a date, a real date, not just as friends. He'd always know that she was attractive but she rarely opted to really dress up, as she had then, if it wasn't for work or some special occasion. As it was the last time he'd seen her cleaned up was homecoming freshman year, needless to say it was awhile ago. She'd stopped dressing up after their classmates had displayed their dislike of her 'acting like she was above them' through weekly, then daily physical beatings. That was why they hung out in the same group.

As freshman they had grown apart, each wanting to spread a little. When he'd heard about her getting beaten up he went straight to her house. When he got there the rumors were plainly confirmed, only, she wouldn't say who was beating her up only that she apparently had to shop for different clothes now. He immediately started insisting that she sit with he and his friends. She did, and had ever since. Even though she changed how she dressed and the bullying stopped the impression on her was that she shouldn't dress as she had. The impression stuck. He grimaced at the thought.

"Is something wrong with the dress, Gabe?" She asked, nervously playing with her bracelet. Her words startled him out of his thoughts and back to how incredible she looked. He shook his head.

"No, Ray. There is nothing wrong with the dress." He told her. "Or you." He added silently. "You just look... absolutely... stunning."

Word count: 505

I got this idea when I was washing dishes weirdly enough. It turned out to be one of those ideas you get that you just don't want to lose. I'm considering continuing this or making it part of a full story, but I want to know what you guys think before I try.