To be a Tree

The tree does not feel anger

despite the frost, despite the heat

she merely continues to grow

to bring green life to the air

to breathe her life-giving oxygen

into every living thing

through no penultimate desire

for good company or human profit

but simply because that is her purpose

to breathe.

taking in pollutants

the exhalations of the "master race"

nutrients from the leavings of others

miraculously transformed within

creating thoughtless beauty

her PURPOSE is beauty

and she needs no ulterior motives

Oh, to be the tree.

not to be judged by other trees

a tree cares not for differences

a tree does not listen to people

who say awful or nice things

about the tree

a tree does not care

whether it stands out in the forest

she cares for the sun

she cares for rain, and good soil

she cares for the insects that feed on her

the animals that profit from her shade

on a hot summer's day

the continual processes of life

progressing from lively spring

to hot summer

crisp autumn…

Oh, Autumn!

then Lady Tree is in full form

the glory of her multifaceted limbs

as they burst in flames of pigment

changing day by day by day

until every last brightly-colored leaf

is torn from her in the maelstrom of the wind

whirling and swirling the colors through the sky

landing in heaps upon the ground

to crunch and crinkle underfoot

in Autumn she is joyous

In autumn she is desolate

for when her leaves have all left her

she enters the quiet slumber of winter

to sit and wait, pondering

while blanket after blanket

of cold frozen ice

hides her from the bright sun

chills her muddy roots

saps her life-giving energy

but the Tree does not despair.

the Tree does not worry about the Future

the Tree does not fear that she will die

she waits.

until Springtime comes again

as though bursting with full reserves of energy

her life-giving force blooms in a shower of petals

effusing the air with the sweet scent of freshness

her delight in the Spring does not diminish over the years

she does not think this Spring any less

for the fact that it is the same as the last

each year is a new life, a new chance to change the earth

The Tree has no fear.

Oh, to live like a Tree!