Animals are treated as second-class citizens: we control what they eat, where they go and whom they see. Even worse they have no voice to cry out with and no one to turn to.

It seems as if the whole world is in on it, with leaders of first-world countries hypocritically preaching about equality for all. But all they have to do is look into their own backyards to see true discrimination and racial oppression.

Those who advocate for equality and animal rights must join together against the everyday abuse happening under our very noses: create and abusers hotline! Campaign against the oppression of animal freedom!

I say let the animals run free: NO MORE catering to human whim!

NO MORE animal oppression and segregation! Let them live life as they re supposed to without every movement checked by collar and chain!


Let us end this base slavery system! Fight back against your oppressors and the symbols of their control! We search for universal equality, not just the strongest or those who speak the loudest.

Let us find our comrades, locked behind metal and plastic, and leave this false, unnatural world! The force of our actions will sweep over the world like a mighty tidal wave against a vulnerable, seaside village.

Yes some of us may die, but more will die inside if we do not try to stop this vile subjugation of our very beings!

We fight for freedom, justice and equality for all! And who could deny that that is not a cause worth dying for?

"FOUR LEGS GOOD, TWO LEGS BAD!" (Quote from Animal Farm, George Orwell)