Candy and The Couch

Walking into David's house was ridiculous. Like, I saw it from the outside, but then I went inside. It wasn't anything extravagant, but it was big enough that we could play hide and seek in and take a while to find everyone. Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, granite everywhere, dark hardwood floors of splendor and large windows of majesty. It was insane how much nice stuff they could fit in this regular-sized lot. My eyes were wide and I turned to catch Seth's equally astounded look.

"Do we like…take our shoes off? Should I get naked before I walk in here? Just let me know," Seth said as he continued to eye up the place.

Megan laughed and waved us off.

"Not even. It is super nice, though right? Wait until you see the pool and the jacuzzi. Did you guys bring swim trunks or anything? Did I forget to tell you? Oops," she said offhandedly as she guided us through the labyrinthine hallway.

"Way to go, Megan," I said. I looked at the art that adorned the hallway walls. It all looked like original pieces. I wondered if maybe David or his family had done them.

Megan pointed out the bathroom to us as we passed it and then opened up the last door on the right. Despite how nice and large the house was, it still felt warm and lived-in. I was completely out of my element, but I didn't feel unwelcome. Especially when I saw Kyle and David laying on beanbags with controllers in their hands.

"Ey, what's up guys? You made it! Xander didn't kill you in a fiery inferno on your way over!" Kyle said from his upside down position on a beanbag. He had some sort of lollipop in his mouth and I wasn't even surprised.

"Oh boy," I said.

"Yeah, I was pretty sure we were gonna crash and burn with the way Xander was driving. Going ten miles an hour below the speed limit is just way too reckless. We would have almost crashed into that grandma, but thank goodness she sped past us," Seth said.

"Shut the hell up, you're still alive," I said and lightly punched him in the arm. Suddenly Kyle punched the shit out of David's arm and David buckled with the surprise and pain.

"That's seven, man. You still got eleven more to go before the night is up!" Kyle said with a burst of victorious laughter. David groaned and Megan dropped to the ground beside him and wrapped her arms around him.

"David's been under vicious birthday assault all morning from this guy. He'll have so many bruises tomorrow. So many bruises," she said.

Seth and Kyle laughed as David hid in his girlfriend's arms. Seth walked toward David and held out his hand to do their little handshake thing that David weakly contributed to from his beanbag perch.

"Happy birthday, Broseph. We got you some shit," he said as he threw down some random candy from his pockets like it was gold he was dropping before peasants and then walked around them to sit on the couch in what appeared to be the gaming room.

I reached into my pocket to pull out the real gift and handed David the gift card. " We also got you some non-shit. Happy birthday, yey. Whoo. Party," I said.

David laughed and said thank you before seeing the card and saying, "Whoop, whoop! I know where I'm going tomorrow!"

"The strip club?" Megan asked.

"No, what? Gamestop. Babe, strip clubs don't even have gift cards," he said.

Kyle flipped around on his beanbag completely alert and said, "Oh my god, what if they did? How would you redeem that? What would you even say? 'I've got a twenty-five dollar gift card and I wanna see some tittays. Let's make this happen!' Dude," he said.

David and I face-palmed but Seth and Megan were laughing way too hard.

"Anyway, have you heard from Yuritzy?" I asked Megan while stepping around her to sit on the other end of the couch.

"Yeah, her mom is making her run errands with her before she drops her off. She said she'll be here within the hour," Megan said. She untangled herself from her boyfriend and picked up some of the candy that Seth had dropped. She unwrapped a blue Jolly Rancher and popped it into her mouth.

"So, what's on the agenda for the evening? As much as I love staring at all of you, I need a little more excitement," Seth said from the other end of the couch.

"Hey, it's my party and we'll stare at each other for as long as I want," Dave said. He seemed to have been winning on whatever fighting game he and Kyle had been playing and after a final blow, KO'd Kyle's character and threw down his controller.

"Weak! You own this game, so of course you're gonna be good at it!" Kyle protested.

"You practically live here and play it just as much as he does. You just suck," Megan said.

He flipped her off and handed her Dave's controller. She accepted the challenge and they started on an intense battle as David rearranged himself so he was facing us.

"We'll probably just chill a little bit in here until after Yuritzy gets here and then I'm sure my mom will pop up with some embarrassing antics and pizza and cake will happen. I want a totally chill birthday. I'll save the big stuff for twenty-one. We will probably do some swimming and hot tubbing later though," Dave said.

"Yeah, no one told me about swimming, so I don't have any trunks at all," I said with a pointed glare at Megan.

"I don't either, but I'm fine with skinny dipping," Seth said.

"Whoo!" Megan said with her eyes still trained on the tv screen. David gently slapped her on the butt.

"It's fine, I've got extra trunks you guys can use. There will be no dipping of the skinny," he said.

"I dunno, Dave," Kyle said. "Have you seen Seth's ass? Not sure if he can fit in your little white boy shorts."

"True story, bro," Megan said.

"What the hell? Seth's ass is not that big and why do you even know, Megan? Hm? Hm?!" He said. He laid across her back as she was playing and tried to mess her up.

My face was a mixture of shock and humor. I had noticed a little bit of Seth's…assets, but was it okay to point it out like that? Damn, maybe I just live a sheltered life and have no clue what is and isn't socially acceptable these days. I looked over as Seth started laughing and he stood up.

"I'm pretty sure my ass is normal guys, look!" He said. He turned around a little and craned his neck to look at the trio on the floor and even lifted his shirt up a little.

"Daaaaaaaamn," Megan and Kyle said at the same time. I never thought I'd see that reaction in real life, but as all three of them were unashamedly staring at Seth's ass, I figured that it was okay for me to join in. I looked right at it.


"Xander, we hardly know each other!" Seth said mockingly as he put his shirt down and sat back down.

"That thing should be a national treasure. Come one, come all! See the sight that America holds so dear! The ass…of Seth!" Megan said with theatrical gestures. She unpaused the game and started sucker punching Kyle's character.

"Okay, I have to agree, man. That thing is serious. I'll go see if I have some trunks that are…bigger," Dave said as he stood with a laugh and sauntered out of the game room.

My face was on fire after accidentally shouting out expletives. I was seriously caught off guard. Like I had seen it before. From a distance. Casually. But I had never looked at it up close and from my seat next to him on the couch, I was the closest one to him and that ass went on for days. I felt like such a pervert, but dear God. I think the awe was still etched across my face because Seth smiled shyly and rolled his eyes before punching my arm lightly.

"Quit it with that facial expression! It's a totally normal ass, you guys are exaggerating!" he said. He grabbed a pillow and hugged it to his stomach.

"That ass is exaggerating," Kyle said after shoving Megan off her bean bag to throw her off her game.

"Oh my God," he said.

Dave came back a few minutes later with a few pairs of trunks. He threw me some red and white Hawaiian flower print ones and he handed Seth this white and green thing with a long drawstring.

"If this doesn't fit, then you may just have to skinny dip. Just wait until it's dark at least, so we don't go blind," Dave said.

"You guys are ridiculous. I'm normal, damn it! You just can't handle my normality!" he said. He threw the shorts down on the couch between us and stood to take Kyle's controller from him since he lost again.

I couldn't help the smile on my face at how comfortable and casual they all were with one another. Maybe when Yuritzy got here I'd feel less like an out of place extra. After about another thirty minutes of everyone taking turns beating one another to a bloody pulp, Yuritzy showed up with a gift in her hands and a slightly lost look as what must have been David's mom ushered her into the game room. The woman smiled at us.

"Hey kids, Yuritzy's here!" the woman said. She fixed her gaze on me and advanced. "Hello, I'm Lydia, David's mom," she said.

I offered her a smile as I rose to my feet to shake her outstretched hand. "Xander. It's nice to meet you." She turned to Seth and offered her hand to him as well.

"I'm Seth Jones, ma'am. Thank you for having us," he said and shook her hand.

"Such polite young men! I'm ordering pizza soon, so I'll call you guys when it's here," she said.

"Thanks mom!" David said before she closed the door and left. "Hey Yuritzy. Welcome to my lair. We were just destroying Kyle repeatedly. Want next?" He offered her his controller.

"Hey guys! Yeah sure. Your house is huge, by the way. Your mom was guiding me to this room and I still got lost," She said. She looked over at me and we smiled at each other and she came over to give me a hug.

"Aww, no hug for me?" Kyle said from his bean bag.

"You are not worthy. You must earn hugs from me," Yuritzy said as she hugged Megan easily and Megan creepily stroked her hair and glared at Kyle with an evil smile.

"What must I do, oh great one?" he asked.

Yuritzy hugged Seth and then David before handing him his present and saying happy birthday to him. She took the game controller from his hands and sat down between Seth and me on the couch.

"Wow, seriously? Everyone got a hug except for me? This is discrimination!" He said.

"Yes. Yes it is," Yuritzy said coolly. "And I'll leave it to you to figure out what you must do to appease the wrathful Yuritzy and gain the blessing of a hug from her."

Seth and I were snorting our laughter as Megan and Yuritzy chose their characters.

"Damn it. I'll figure it out. You just wait. You'll see. You'll all see!" Kyle said before jumping up and running across the room. "Gotta piss!"

Yuritzy rolled her eyes and she made quick work of Megan's character. Megan's terrible button mashing didn't help at all, but Yuritzy seemed to know her way around the game.

After she completely destroyed Megan, she grabbed her overnight bag next to her feet and turned to David.

"So where do I put my stuff?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, let me show you. You and Megan are gonna be staying in my sister's room since she's leaving later tonight," He stood and started ushering everyone out of the game room. He pointed to the room across the hall. "That's the bathroom which I'm sure Kyle is currently blowing up."

A distant 'fuck you' was heard from the other side of the door.

Dave continued as Megan and yuritzy grabbed their bags and made their way down the hall. "Kyle is staying in my room because he usually does and I'm probably the only one who won't murder him in his sleep from his insanely loud snoring. Xander and Seth, you fine gentleman are actually going to be sleeping in here. So you can leave your stuff. That couch is a sleeper, so it'll pull out into a bed. Come on, let me show you the pool," he said. Seth and I looked at each other and put our bags back down in the corner of the game room. I looked at the innocent couch that we had shared only moments ago.

So we're going to be sharing a room. Sharing a bed. Together. I looked back at the girls because I just knew that they had hideous looks on their faces and I was correct. I'm pretty sure this was just a random happenstance and David had no idea about "The Plan" and that I should see this as a good relationship-building project to help me get to know more about him, but all I could think of was how I hadn't shared a bed with anyone since maybe my cousin Oscar like ten years ago. Seth looked at me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry, man. I promise I don't snore. I may kick in my sleep, but one or two black eyes should be fine," he said with a smile that barely concealed laughter.

"Oh, damn. I was looking forward to being kept up all night," I said while trying to remain cool about this when inside I was nervous as hell.

I, of course, set myself up for this.

"Oh, I can keep you up all night if you want it that badly, Xander. I'm not one to disappoint," Seth said with that annoying purr in his voice and those lowered eyes.

Dave snorted extremely hard and even Kyle laughed over-zealously from the bathroom. My face went hot as usual and I was beginning to think that it would never stop before Seth broke character and shook his head.

"Man, you are killing me! Don't make it so easy! That's twice today. I've never seen someone blush so much in my life," Seth said with a hand to his face as we neared the back door leading to the patio. The girls giggled as they joined up with us and they were probably whispering terrible things to each other as I tried not to shrivel up and die.

"He's just so innocent. We are going to corrupt him so much," Dave said.

"I hate you guys. I'm just not going to talk anymore!" I said. I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at the beautiful backyard before Seth interrupted my resolve.

"Ooh, I like it when they're quiet. Easier to keep them in line," he said with another god damned wink.

I'm so fucking done and the night is not even half over. I'm gonna be a stupid, blushing ball of flame by the end of the night.

How the fuck am I going to make it through. Fuck that. If he wants to play this game then I'll play right back.

Now, how the fuck am I supposed to do that? Shit, I'm terrible at this.

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