Red and Yellow

I try to run

But she's always there

I want to be alone

But she won't let me

I want to scream

But she will scream too

I want to cry but she will question my tears.

What is wrong?

I don't know.

Why won't you tell me?

Because I'm not comfortable.

Are you mad at me?

I have never been mad at you.

I sit in the pouring rain

My mind broken down

Crying about silly things

Laughing about serious things

Death is always on my mind

But I do not give in.

I am stronger than the others.

As I wake up I see red and yellow

People sitting around me talking about silly things

But they aren't really there

Out of fear I run into the living room

I sick down sick to my stomach

I vomit everywhere.

Then I slump over

Weak and defeated

I cry for help.

Failure is my enemy

Kindness is my ally

But this time

The enemy has won.