All hail Caesar!
The noble crowd pleaser!
The man who holds Rome
In the palm of his hand

I have lied to you
As good lovers must do
As of late, you have grown
Too ambitious a man

And I have pretended
That this wound not need mended
But were you in my place
Would you not understand?

All hail Caesar!
The noble crowd pleaser!
In whose blood I shall silence
My talkative hands

For I am Brutus
I am Marcus Brutus
I am a deceiver—
But I'm a believer

Author's Note: Yes. I know. It was actually Casca who cried, "Hands! Speak for me!" (or something like that) in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. But, anyhoo, it rhymes. I'm happy with it. Even if you don't bother reviewing, thanks for reading. :)