"Worst Fears Confirmed" (THT)

I was sobbing

My vision filled with acid rain

Pressure overwhelming my eye lids

You told me yet another truth

In that brutal brand that you favored

I was attempting to get my bearings

See through the confusion

Didn't want to cry, didn't want to show weakness.

I'm strong. I swear I'm strong.

Beat this, I have to beat this.

Why am pouring my heart out?

I tried to remain calm

Put on that clinical demeanor I hold so well

Does everyone think this?

"Who thinks this?" I choked.

"Everyone." She answered.

"Everyone?" I asked again.

"Yeah." You said with some hesitancy. "But don't think about it, they don't know you."

Those words shattered through my core.

Once abstract insecurity now bred life

I can't control hurt feelings

I have to ride it out

Stab, you've just taken a jab at me

Whether you know it or not

This plunging motion devours