A/N: italics= new stanza


She said you need to change

That you could not survive in this world

One day, I am not going to be here

I want to know that you will be okay

So I try to tell you what I know others will say

For your own good I claim

It was my nature to be callous

Truth hurts, but you need to know

Kid I cannot help the way I feel

I get emotionally sad

I wanted to be happy, but I was so different

Agreeing to the group for the sake of peace

Down a slippery thread

I either break down

Or I lie

You get impatient and I shrink

I can never do anything right

While you make me fall again

That is when I suppress

She attempts to understand

I explain but I cannot

How do I accurately describe

All that I am feeling in that moment in time

We are too different, but ultimately I know

She cares about me and I care about her

At least for now, we tolerate our differences

But how long will that last I ponder?

A/N: Inspired by Gavin Degraw- Glass which is a powerful song!