Jill Thurton grumbled quietly to herself as she sorted through the many folders and papers stacked on her desk. She had been Mr. Rodriguez's secretary for four years, and she had yet to find a way to avoid the utter chaos of freshman orientation day. Cutter's Academy for Gifted Young Men was very popular with those rich enough to send their sons there, and since Yayle Creek was practically overflowing with the moneyed, the first day was a nightmare, without fail. If Mr. Rodriguez didn't pay as well as he did, she would have quit a long time ago.

Jill found the file she was looking for and turned around to put it on top of the filing cabinet. There was no point putting that one away- it was the transfer student's information, and she would have to whip it out again in a minute anyway when he showed up. If he showed up. Jill glanced at the clock. Two more minutes until he was officially late. She turned back around, and nearly had a heart attack when she saw the boy standing in front of her desk.

"Sweet Jesus!" she yelped. "You scared the life out of me!"

"I apologize," the boy said, ducking his head as if embarrassed.

"It's alright," Jill told him, and was shocked to realize that she was blushing. She never blushed. Then again, she never yelled 'Sweet Jesus!' at unsuspecting freshman, either.

At least, she thought he was a freshman. He wasn't very tall- maybe 5'6'', 5'7''- with dark red hair and pale skin that only true redheads have. His hair was just long enough that his bangs fell in his eyes- eyes that were a beautiful dark blue. And he looked young, although that didn't necessarily mean anything. Theo Duvall looked about fourteen sometimes, and he was a seventeen-year-old senior.

"If you're lost, freshman orientation is in the dining hall, the big doors right across from the entrance. You're a bit early, though. It doesn't start for another hour." Jill smiled at him as politely as she could. Did the freshman ever read the information they were sent? No, of course not, instead they showed up here and wasted her time asking questions they should already know the answers to while she got even farther behind on her paperwork.

"Actually, I'm not a freshman, I'm a senior. I just transferred here this year." His voice was cool, and Jill found herself blushing again.

"You must be Sebastian Sterling?" she asked, resisting the urge to hide under her desk. He wasn't looking at her with that arrogant, condescending look some of the boys gave her. Instead he stared at her with a perfectly blank gaze that was twenty times worse. There was no anger in his voice at having been mistaken for a freshman; they could have as easily been talking about the weather. It unsettled her.

Jill had expected Sebastian Sterling to be a jock- tall, muscular, and loud, here not because he wanted the intellectual challenge but because his parents thought sending him to a prestigious private school would boost his chances at getting into college. It was obvious that her guess could not have been further off the mark.

The boy inclined his head in a regal nod that should have looked pretentious and arrogant but somehow didn't. "I hope I'm not late?"

"Oh, no," Jill said instantly. "You're actually just on time. Mr. Rodriguez is expecting you, so let me just tell him you're here and then you can go on in."

She reached over and picked up the phone on her desk, hitting 1 and waiting for Mr. Rodriguez to pick up.


"Mr. Rodriguez? Sebastian Sterling has arrived, shall I send him in?" Jill shot a look at Sebastian, but he wasn't looking at her.

"Of course. And thank you; I know how much you hate freshman orientation." Mr. Rodriguez hung up, and Jill followed suit.

"He says you can go on in."

"Thank you." Sebastian's voice was toneless, but he flashed her a quick smile as he walked by.


Jamal sighed and stifled a yawn as he made his way to his uncle's office. The Dean hadn't explained why he needed Jamal, just said to call Victor up at his house and ask him meet them in the office.

"This had better be good," Jamal muttered. "Freshman orientation doesn't start for another hour. I should be sleeping right now."

He pushed open the door to Jill's office and greeted her with a bright smile that made his dark face handsome. "Hey, Jill. You know why Uncle wants to see me?" He spoke quietly so that his uncle wouldn't hear him, just in case.

"It's the new student," Jill whispered back. "Sebastian Sterling? He's in there, Mr. Rodriguez probably wants you to show him around. Nice enough kid, I suppose, but not what you'd expect."

"I'm showing the freshman around," Jamal said absently, knocking once on his uncle's door before entering the office.

As usual, it was dark. There were no windows in the wood paneled walls, only a single lamp sitting on his uncle's desk. It gave off barely enough light to see by, but Jamal didn't need it. He knew this room better than he knew the back of his hand- the wooden walls, the big desk and his uncle's chair, made out of matching wood. The two chairs situated in front of his uncle's desk, also wood but smaller and less imposing than his uncle's almost-throne.

The painting hanging on the wall behind the desk was equally familiar- Isaiah Cutter and his wife and children, standing in entrance of the house that, along with the school, were Jamal's as soon as he turned eighteen.

The one unfamiliar blip in the room was the transfer student, sitting so low in one of the wooden chairs that Jamal had almost missed him. Jill was right. He was not what Jamal had expected.

His uncle had told him that Sebastian was sixteen, more than smart enough to attend Cutter's but rich enough that he hadn't needed to get in on a scholarship. Jamal hadn't thought about it much, but when he had he'd expected Sebastian to be nerdy and a bit of a snob- probably wearing a stiff button up shirt and dress pants, his hair combed down and his nose in the air.

Sebastian was wearing a long sleeved shirt, but it was black and it definitely wasn't button up, and his pants were baggy dark jeans. His hair was mussed, as if he'd just run his hand through it, and Jamal could see the glint of three silver hoops in the cartilage of his ear and another stud up at the top. He couldn't see Sebastian's left ear but he was willing to bet it was equally, if not more, pierced.

Sebastian turned his head to look at Jamal when Mr. Rodriguez shifted his attention to his nephew, giving Jamal a once over with cool blue-gray eyes that gave away nothing. Jamal, who was never nervous, felt strangely unsettled when he met that gaze.

"Ah, Jamal. This is Sebastian Sterling, the transfer student. Mr. Sterling, this is Jamal, my nephew. His friend Victor will be showing you around, actually, unless you wanted to go with the freshman? Their orientation should be starting in about fifteen minutes; Jamal will be their guide."

Sebastian brought his attention back to Jamal's uncle, and Jamal took the opportunity to sit down in the other chair. Weird kid, he couldn't help but think. Jamal jumped when, after a moment of silence, Sebastian spoke.

"I'd prefer to avoid the freshman, thanks. I've already been mistaken for one once already today." Sebastian's voice was strangely... melodic, despite a rather hoarse edge to it.

"What-?" Jamal started to ask. Sebastian cut him off.

"Senior." His voice was cool, and he didn't say anything more.

"Don't worry about it. The same thing happens to Jamal's best friend Theo all the time," Mr. Rodriguez said with a chuckle. "He's seventeen, but people still mistake him for a freshman. That reminds me, when is Victor going to be here? We only have one more thing to discuss, and then you'll want to tour the school. I hope he'll be here soon?"

Jamal's uncle raised his eyebrows in question, and Jamal nodded confidently. If he was the serious one, Theo the smart one, and Theo's brother Tanner the joker, Victor was the dependable nice guy. He was never rude to anyone, and if he said he'd do something or be somewhere, he would.

"He should be here soon, it's only about a ten minute drive." And it wasn't like Victor fussed about the way he looked. Bastard was good looking enough, and had enough natural charisma, that he could walk around town in a flowery dress and he'd still get hit on. Not to mention he just didn't care what he looked like.

"It's a fifteen minute drive," Jamal's uncle corrected him.

Jamal grinned. "Not the way Victor drives."

Mr. Rodriguez shook his head. "Boys," he sighed.

A flash of flying red hair made Jamal look at Sebastian, just in time to see the amusement in his eyes be replaced with the cool mask Jamal could already tell was his default facial expression.

Sebastian raised his eyebrows when he noticed Jamal looking at him, silently daring him to say something. Jamal just shook his head.

"Now, all your classes are already filled in," Mr. Rodriguez said, catching their attention. "Based on what you took at your previous school, and what you said you were interested in taking. The one thing you forgot, though, was your elective."

"Okay," Sebastian said warily.

"It's nothing to worry about, your schedule won't be affected or anything. You just need to tell me what you'd like to take, so I can tell the teacher you'll be joining the class."

"Alright," Sebastian said, and then bit his lip. "What are the electives again?"

"Art, band, and physical education, but gym's split into two parts," Jamal explained before his uncle had a chance to open his mouth. "One half is for sports, and the other half is what Coach calls BBB- basic body building. We run, lift some weights, all that kind of thing, but we also fight. Not seriously fight, although there are occasional free for alls- we mostly do basic skills so that we can avoid getting creamed in fights."

"I'm guessing you take the fight class?" Sebastian asked dryly, raising his eyebrows.

"Yeah, and so do Tanner and Victor. Theo gave up his elective for a free period so he could stay in the computer lab and play with the computers." Jamal rolled his eyes. As much as he loved his best friend, sometimes he just had to wonder about him.

"So which class would you be interested in joining?" Mr. Rodriguez asked. He picked up a pen and clicked it open, preparing to write Sebastian's choice down on the schedule in front of him.

Sebastian hesitated, glanced at Jamal, and shrugged. "I guess I'll do the fight class," he said casually, but his lips quirked slightly as he said it.

Mr. Rodriguez wrote it down and put down his pen just as the speaker on his phone squawked and Jill's voice said "Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Whitehall here to see you."

"Perfect," Jamal's uncle said, and pressed down a button on his phone. "We'll be out momentarily. Thank you, Jill."


Victor woke slowly, to the hideously familiar sound of "My Humps," by the Black-Eyed Peas. He groaned, and tried to shut the noise out by shoving his face into his pillow. It didn't work. After another minute of failing to block out the aural assault, Victor rolled off his bed and started searching through the pockets of the pants he'd thrown on the floor last night for his cell phone.

They hadn't even been going out for two days, and Annabel had already changed the ring tone on his cell phone. Wonderful. What, exactly, was it with girls? Why did they always feel the need to fill his life with constant reminders to him that they existed? It wasn't like he would forget them if they suddenly stopped messing with his cell phone, his computer, his car...

Victor pulled his phone out from its hiding place and answered it with a sigh. "Hello?"

"Took you long enough to answer," Jamal grumbled.

"Need I remind you we went to sleep at five o' clock this morning?" Victor asked. "What are you even doing up at this ungodly hour? It's not even-" Victor pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at the time. "Eight thirty?!"

"I know when we went to sleep, Victor. It's freshman orientation day, and Uncle wanted me to come to his office early. I'm not sure why. He also asked me to call you and ask you to come to school. And yes, I know it's eight thirty. I almost shot myself when Uncle woke me up, but I can't just not help him, you know that. Remind me why we thought it was a good idea to play drinking games again?"

"I can't, I don't remember why you guys even wanted to in the first place. Shit... I'll be there in fifteen minutes." Victor hung up his phone without saying goodbye, got to his feet slowly, and made his way to his bathroom.

It took him five minutes to brush his teeth, use mouth rinse, throw on a clean pair of jeans and a shirt, and slip on his shoes. Victor was a big fan of throwing on the first thing that he touched, so his walk-in closet was organized in a way that allowed him to do so without ending up in a pair of silk dress pants and a ratty old T shirt.

Victor grabbed his keys off his bureau and left his room, heading down the staircase quietly so that he wouldn't wake anyone up. As he passed by the entrance to the kitchen- there was no door, just a wide archway- a soft voice called him back.

"Oh, hey Mum. Up already?"

"Your father woke me up when he left this morning, and I couldn't go back to sleep." Mrs. Whitehall smiled at her son, who smiled back. "Where are you going?"

"Jamal called, he said Mr. Rodriguez wants me for something." Victor shrugged.

"Not in trouble already, are you?" Mrs. Whitehall asked cheerfully. She knew all about Victor's nighttime activities, and was sure Mr. Rodriguez did as well, but Victor had yet to get even a single detention. He was a good boy.

"Not yet. Can you tell Tanner and Theo where I went when they wake up, if I'm not back by then? I'm not sure how long this'll take, and they'll probably sleep late, but still."

"Of course. Now get lost." Mrs. Whitehall turned her attention back to the book in front of her, and Victor left.

Out of everything he owned, Victor's car was without a doubt his favorite possession. It was a black Aston Martin convertible, a present from his parents for his sixteenth birthday. It was without a doubt the most beautiful thing Victor had ever seen, and considering some of the girls he'd dated, that was saying something. He wasn't sure why he loved Aston Martins so much, but he did.

Victor drove down his rather long driveway, waited at the gates for them to swing open, and took off down the road. The speed limit was only 25 but hell, this was a car that demanded speed, and Victor was only too happy to oblige. It took about ten minutes to get to Cutter's, and once again Victor had to wait for the gates to open.

The school itself was a three story building, but it was built into a shallow hill, so from the front it looked like it was only two stories. From the back it was obvious there were three floors, but there were no windows on the first one. To either side of the school were dorms, one for freshman and sophomores, one for juniors and seniors. The parking lot was hidden behind the small forest growing inside the school's tall stone wall- the one-lane driveway went around the school in a full circle with one two-lane road branching off to the parking lot and one to the entrance/exit.

Victor parked his car and walked to the Dean's office. He greeted Jill with a large grin. Of all the faculty at Cutter's, she was probably his favorite after Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Green.

"Victor! Please tell me you're here to rescue me from my mountain of paperwork. I'm all but drowning in it." Jill smiled and winked. She, like every other female Victor had ever met in his life, loved him. It wasn't arrogance, it was pure and simple truth. People just seemed to like him, for some reason. Especially women.

"Sorry. I think I'm actually here to play White Knight to Jamal's damsel in distress... although what exactly I'm supposed to be doing I'm not sure. But I guess I'll find out eventually." Victor shrugged and sat down, leaning back in the comfortable chair. He yawned widely, his eyes sliding almost all the way shut.

"Late night?" Jill asked, sounding amused.

"You could say that." Victor smiled. Jill didn't live at the school, but sometimes she worked late. She'd run into Victor and his friends breaking the curfew rules more than once, but she'd never said anything. She was cool like that. Victor slouched down in his chair and closed his eyes. Maybe if they took long enough he'd get a few more minutes of sleep.

Unfortunately for him, Jill informed Mr. Rodriguez that he had arrived and before Victor could fall asleep Jamal and his uncle emerged from the Dean's office.

"Thank you for coming," Mr. Rodriguez said. "I appreciate it, especially since I know you were probably up late partying last night."

Jamal winced so obviously Victor had to bite his lip to stop his laughter. Jamal liked to separate his life into two sections- his school/work life, and his personal life. On his own time he enjoyed partying just as much as anyone, but he was so serious about Cutter's that having his extracurricular activities mentioned severely embarrassed him. Victor knew enough to keep the two apart, but he wasn't quite as obsessive about it as Jamal.

"No problem. What did you want me for?" Victor sat up and shifted his shoulders to rearrange his shirt. He could only hope that he wasn't going to have to help Jamal with freshman orientation. He liked people, he really did, but... well, who wanted to try and control a group of bored freshman for two hours? Not him.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to show the freshman around. I was wondering if you could show Sebastian around?"

Victor looked at Mr. Rodriguez blankly. "Who is Sebastian?"

Mr. Rodriguez frowned and looked around as if looking for something. A discreet cough made him turn around. With a wry half smile, Mr. Rodriguez stepped aside and motioned to the boy who had been standing behind him with a wave of his hand.

"Oh." Victor grinned. He couldn't help it. "Hi."

The kid was pale and definitely on the shorter side- standing next to Mr. Rodriguez, who was six feet tall and just a bit chubby, and Jamal, who was only an inch shorter than his uncle and with very well defined muscles, he looked even smaller.

He was decked out entirely in black and his ears were pierced multiple times, but he wore no face jewelry and there was no eyeliner around his eyes, so Toad might or might not bring him into his group of friends. Toad's friends all tended to be very... dark. And full of holes. They were nicer than some, though, and that was what really mattered to Victor.

It was the hair, though, that really caught Victor's eye, and he spent a moment wishing that Sebastian were a girl. His hair was red: not bright orange like Theo's but a dark red that was unusual even in redheads. Victor could tell it was natural, though. He ran his hands through his own hair, reminded that he really needed a haircut. Why was it that all the red heads he knew were guys?


Victor stopped staring at the kid's hair and looked him in the eyes for the first time. Sebastian stared right back at him, not looking away until Jamal cleared this throat. Both their eyes snapped to him, and a smile curled Victor's lips. People generally didn't like to look him in the eyes too long. To him it was a game, to see who would look away first, but it usually made them uncomfortable.

"The freshman should start arriving soon, so maybe you should show Sebastian the dining room first?" Mr. Rodriguez suggested.

"Good idea. I'll see you later, Jamal. Bye, Mr. Rodriguez, Jill." Victor opened the door and waved Sebastian out in front of him. "So, how much of the school have you seen so far?" he asked, letting the door swing shut behind him.

"Just the entrance and in there," Sebastian shrugged, jerking his head at the door.

"Okay... well, it's pretty hard to get lost. Basically, there are three floors. The first floor, which you can't really see from the front, is a giant daylight basement type thing. You can either go down the stairs, which are right over there-" Victor pointed to the staircase right across from Jill's door- "Or go in the back. If you go down the stairs you'll go into the changing room. There are showers and lockers to put your stuff in so that you don't have to run to your dorm and back every time you have gym.

"If you go in the back door you go right into the gym, but you do not want to do that unless you're wearing your gym uniform and sneakers. And if you have long hair, like Jamal, it has to be tied back. Coach is great, but he's a hard ass and he won't hesitate to lower your grade a letter just for one offense. So if you go in that way, make sure you do it prepared.

"Second floor, which is this one, obviously, is the offices, which you've just seen... the teacher's lounge, which is the door next to the stairs; the janitor's closet is the door on the other side of the teacher's lounge, so don't bother going in there; and then there's the dining room. The dining room is basically the heart of the school. The doors are never locked, so you can go in at three o' clock in the morning and have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, if you want.

"Breakfast is from six o' clock until eight, lunch is from noon to one, and then dinner is at six. If you can get down here, get a snack, and get it back to class in less than five minutes- which isn't easy when the entire school has the same idea as you do- you're allowed to eat in certain classes, depending on what you're doing and who your teacher is.

"And last but not least, the third floor. That's where all the classrooms are, and if you tell me what classes you're taking I can tell where to go."

Sebastian didn't say anything for a minute, and Victor watched him, concerned. The kid looked like he'd blow over in a strong wind. Was he sick?

"Are you okay?" he asked uncertainly. "If you need to puke, the bathroom is the next door after the one to Jill's office, I think I probably forgot to mention that... It's actually on the other side of the Dean's office but for some reason there's no door to the hall from his office..."

Sebastian didn't say anything for a minute, and then he let out a giant sneeze that was barely muffled by the hand he put over his mouth. "I'm fine," he said, and scowled when he saw the doubt on Victor's face. "Is there anywhere I can get a coffee?"

"Not yet. There will be some in the dining room by tomorrow but it's usually only freshman arriving today, so they don't bother." Victor walked over and opened the door to the dining room. He kept it open with one hand, stuffing the other in his pocket as he looked around. He was so used to Cutter's that it was hard to see it through new eyes again- he'd first met Jamal in sixth grade, when his new best friend, Tanner, had introduced him to his brother, Theo, and his brother's best friend- Jamal. After six years of going to Cutter's every day or nearly every day, he knew it almost as well as Jamal did.

Sebastian had never seen it before, though, and that made Victor wonder. What was it like for him? To someone that didn't see Cutter's as as much of a home as their own house, as a place where, if you had nowhere else to go, that was where you went? He stepped inside, letting the door close behind him, and watched as Sebastian looked around.

"It's beautiful," Sebastian said, sounding startled.

Victor felt pride well up in him and grinned, glad that Sebastian was impressed by his adopted second home. "I know. I can't imagine not coming back next year... it's easy to see why Jamal loves the place so much."

"He's not the only one," Sebastian said, so softly Victor didn't hear him. He could hear the note of pride in Victor's voice, and it saddened him. Even as a child, he'd never had even the slightest fondness for his parent's house. It was cold and sterile, as devoid of emotion as it was of germs. Who could blame him for wanting to get away?

"Anyway, the tables are supposed to be for the different grades, but no one pays any attention to that. It was a lot more strict back in the day, but Jamal and Mr. Rodriguez don't care where you sit so long as you don't start any fights. The teachers eat in their lounge, to spare themselves the agony of watching a hundred odd teenage boys eat." Victor gave a bright, brief grin, and shrugged. "I think that pretty much covers the dining room. We'll go upstairs first, I'll show you around the classrooms, and then we can check out the gym. Sound good?"

Sebastian just shrugged, so Victor led him out of the room and upstairs. "The band and art rooms are first, art on the right and band on the left... chem room is next to the band room because Dr. Summers doesn't mind if your stuff explodes every now and then, and that sort of masks the sound of music. I used to have contests with Jamal and Tanner and Theo when we took his class... you got points for bright colors, how explosive it was, and how fast it dissolved your notebook..."

Victor realized he was babbling to fill the vast silence that surrounded Sebastian and stopped.

"Mr. Green's room is next to the art room, he's really cool, he's the English/College Composition teacher. He's probably my favorite teacher. Mrs. King's classroom is next to Mr. Green's, she's the sociology teacher. She's a wicked hippie and she hates swearing, so don't do it in her class. I mean, not that you should swear in the rest of your classes, but she's really uptight about it. Ms. Micucci's room is the last one on the right, she teaches math- any and all forms, she's a math wiz. She's... a bit strict, though."

Victor glanced at Sebastian, who raised his eyebrows. He didn't look particularly worried. "Well, you'll see," he muttered. "Just... don't fall asleep in her class, is all I'm saying. The rest of the teachers are pretty much normal, so you don't need to worry about them. Except Coach. We should probably go see the gym now if we want to avoid the freshman. Unless you want to get trapped in a crowd of newbies, that is."

Sebastian snorted softly, and they headed down the two flights of stairs to the gym. There was no door between the stairs and the locker room, so the first thing they saw upon reaching the first floor was a row of dark gray lockers as tall as Victor.

"It's a bit of a maze," Victor said, turning to the right. They were confronted by another row of lockers, but Victor turned to the left and walked around them. Gesturing to his left, he told Sebastian, "That's the door to the gym. You have five minutes at the beginning of class to get changed and be in the gym. If you're not out in five minutes Coach will be in here wanting to know why." He walked past two more rows of lockers parallel with the second one they'd walked around, and gestured at what looked like a bunch of toilet stalls. "Those are the showers, but you can use them as changing rooms if you're not comfortable doing it in front of everyone. And that's pretty much it."

Victor turned back around and opened the doors to the gym, Sebastian following him in like a faithful dog. It was pitch black inside, but Victor reached over with the ease of years of experience and flipped the row of switches, and the lights blinked on.

"All of the equipment is in the storage closet, over there. Balls, nets, punching bags, mats, everything you could possibly need is in there. There are even weights for us to lift, if we want. You're taking gym, right?" Victor added, curious.

Sebastian nodded. Victor waited for further explanation, but Sebastian said nothing, just looked around the gym curiously.

"Are you doing sports, or self defense?" Victor prodded.

"Self defense," Sebastian said shortly.

"Oh. I thought maybe you might play soccer, or something." Victor shrugged.

Sebastian shook his head, and Victor gave up. It was obvious that he wasn't going to speak unless he was forced to, and was content answering questions with either a nod or shake of his head.

"The only thing left is the dorms. There are two dorm buildings, one to the right of the school and one to the left. Juniors and seniors have the dorm to the left, juniors on the top floor and seniors on the right. So far as I know it's always been that way, the theory being that the older you are, the more trustworthy you are. So since juniors are apparently more likely to try to sneak away in the middle of the night, they get the top floor- it's harder to climb out a second floor window than it is a first floor window, after all. What they seem to forget is that the doors aren't locked in case of a fire. If you're sneaky, you can get down the stairs and past the seniors- or sophomores, since the freshman/sophomore building is set up the same way- without waking anyone up."

"You say that like you have experience," Sebastian said. He almost sounded amused, but when Victor glanced at him his face was set in the same expressionless mask it had been for the past half an hour. He must have imagined it.

"Some." Victor shrugged and grinned.

The door to the dorm building opened into a sort of living room. There was a big TV against the right wall, with a large, black leather couch taking up the wall opposite the TV and smaller, two person couches on either side of the door they'd come in. There were a lot of black and white bean bag chairs scattered all across the room, and Sebastian went up to one and stared down at it thoughtfully.

"Why is everything black and white?"

"School colors," Victor answered without even thinking about it. "Well, no. Actually the school colors are black and silver, but I guess silver bean bags are a little..."

Sebastian nodded and looked around the room again. "Yeah."

Victor coaxed Sebastian's room number out of him and showed him to his room. A glanced at the name tag on the door told Victor who Sebastian's roommate was, and he passed on the information.

"Every room has two name tags, one for each student currently living in the room. If a room is empty, it will have two 'Empty' tags, and if there's only one person living in the room, it will have one 'Empty' tag. Since you got here first you get to choose which bed you want. The bureau closest to your bed is, obviously, yours, and the shelf in the bathroom is divided in two so that you can each put your shampoo and soap and stuff on one side. And I think that's pretty much it… if you have any more questions, just ask. If not, you can always ask Derek later. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to help you."

Victor smirked a little bit, because he couldn't help himself. Derek would be more than happy to help Sebastian out, all right. Derek was the only gay guy attending Cutter's, or he had been last year, and he made up for the fact that he was the only gay guy around by being a total queen. It was actually pretty funny, watching him hit on guys that were straight as arrows, just because he knew it drove them crazy.

Sebastian was a bit off, somehow, and as friendly as an iceberg, but he was attractive. Pretty, even. Pretty wasn't a word that Victor usually thought of in relation to guys, but in Sebastian's case it was true. His face, androgynous as it was, couldn't be described as handsome, so pretty it was.

"Derek will definitely be happy to help, with anything you might need." Victor tried to suppress his smirk, but he saw Sebastian's eyes narrow suspiciously despite his best effort. "Anything else?" he asked.

Sebastian surveyed him suspiciously for another moment before finally shaking his head, causing his hair to fall in his eyes. "Thank you," he said, surprising Victor.

Victor just grinned and shrugged, already halfway out the door. "No problem. See you around."

He left, and Sebastian sat down on the bed he'd chosen, staring thoughtfully at the empty doorway.