The Mother of Shadows: An Alternative History

The Dreaming

The mind that was once Marquis de Sade's was no longer his own. Instead, it traveled on the chemical messengers under the deepest parts of the Earth. Each of the thaumo-autotrophic bacteria that comprised the chemical mind that was the real basis for countless fertility and earth goddesses held within it a pearl of the Marquis' mind. The Marquis had merged with the strange and ancient entity, although not in the manner that he had originally planned to. Perhaps, one day, the small fragments of a mind would once again think, and reform something akin to the original mind. If so, that day was long away, and would at least take decades. In the meantime, however, each of those personality shards was stuck in a single, isolated vision: The Marquis' own personal hell, granted until him by a traitorous minion with a thaumolock pistol's discharge. Without his army, without his powers, with his minions, without his body, and without his mind, the Marquis was truly helpless. If the original mind would come back together one day, however, things would likely be very different on the surface. And he would ensure the world was once again plunged into depravity and war, if not worse. Countless inhuman horrors still rested on the planet, and the world would hardly be safe if they awakened. The Marquis had been added to their ranks, alongside many of the entities he once tried to conjure. Now, however, the stars were not right, nor would they be for a very, very long time.