"Coda! Coda! Come back here!" I yelled as my son ran through the woods. I followed the set of honey curls as they jumped behind a tree, hiding from me.

"Oh, where, oh where, has Coda gone?" I asked to the air. I heard a giggle. I smiled.

"Is he behind here?" I asked as I whipped around the wrong tree. I heard another giggle.

"No, he is here!" I shouted as I whipped behind the tree and grabbed my three year old son and spun him around.

"Mommy! Put me down!" He laughed.

"You really want to go down?" I asked him.

"Uh, no. I'm tired. Can I have a piggy back?"

"I guess so." I said as I swung him onto my back.

I trotted through the woods. I felt his head hit my shoulder and his light snoring. I smiled.

This had been the hardest three years of my life. With no money, no Landon, a new baby, and barely a high school degree, I had no way to support myself.

It was Connor who ended up being my savior. I enrolled at the local state college, and at night, I took classes to be a journalist. Connor watched Coda for me.

Calli and Koahl had recently gotten married and moved to a place called Dunsford, a town about an hour away from here.

My father, Kevin had died of a heart attack three months after Coda was born.

Now Connor was living with Coda and I. It was the three of us. We were our own little family.

It hadn't been until two months ago that Calli told me of the money that Landon had left for me. And Coda, although he didn't know about him at the time. It was enough to live comfortably on for many years. But I didn't touch it.

I put it in an account for Coda. He would need it some day. I was now working for the local newspaper, writing an advice column, of all things. I lived comfortably, and was happy with what I had accomplished.

I walked up the long road, back to my house.

I should go and see Landon. I thought to myself. I shifted Coda, and started walking along the road until I reached a plot of land. Exactly one hundred grave stones lay on it. The number that had died in the gruesome battle. I touched the cool, black marble stone of Roman's grave, and placed a stone Coda had handed me earlier on Jack's. At last, I reached Landon's.

I sat down, pulling Coda gently into my arms. I smiled at my son.

"He's beautiful isn't he Landon?" I asked to the air. I knew that he heard me.

"Thank you, by the way. You promised you would never leave me. And you didn't." I whispered. I patted the ground around the grave stone.

Coda's chest raised and fell gently, the wind ruffling his thick honey curls. His eyes were the same deep blue as Landon's had been.

I breathed out deeply, fingering the necklace that Landon had given me.

Everything was going to be okay.