Spring is here,

Winter is gone,

The past is away,

And the present is here.

Time goes by,

Without even realizing it

And we all move on

With our daily routine.

But one girl out there

Is out of order.

She realizes that everything else

Is in sync.

But she wants to be

Like everyone else.

She asks herself,

"What is wrong with me?"

And tries to move on with her life.

Nothing happens.

She cannot change.

She cannot bear the fact

That she is different.

She now embraces it

And moves on with her life.

Everyone around her

Is the same.

But she stands out.

"Am I normal?"

She asks herself.

No she is not.

Everyone is normal

Except for her.

The ridicule that

Has haunted her life

Does not bother her anymore.

She is at peace

With herself now.