I dread History class. More specifically World History. 7th period. Room 134 with Mr. Aldan Pier. I absolutely hate it. There are only really two real reasons for me to hate History Class.

1. It's boring as listening to two old ladies rant about knitting (something you don't want to be a part of. Learn from my experience).

2. Isaac Bueller sits behind me.

Isaac Bueller is most annoying person I have ever met. Isaac will do anything and everything to bug me. Everytime we are caught by our history teacher, Mr. Pier, Isaac talks his way out of trouble. I get to deal with the punishment alone. Mr. Smooth-and-sexy-annoying-pain-in-my-ass-I-want-strangle-you-so- Oh, sorry. As you can see, I have problems with him.

Today, Isaac is throwing paper balls at my head. I'm gripping the sides of my desk, telling myself that it would be bad to do something to Isaac. It's not working. I try to concentrate on what Mr. Pier is saying. It does not work.

I let out a shaky breathe before turning around in my seat. Isaac has continuously thrown paper balls at me for forty-five minutes. I have had enough.

"Is-" I am cut short by Zac.

He threw a paper ball at my forehead. "Isaac!" I screech before lunging across the desk.

I don't get very far. My chair and Zac's desk are in the way and Isaac leaned back. I never would have made it.

"Ms. Jackson! Principal's office now," Mr. Pier bellows. I'm surprised the man had it in him. Normally, Mr. Pier is meek and a push over.

I pull myself off Isaac's desk and gather my things before being escorted out by Mr. Pier. When I tell the principal and Mr. Pier that Mr. Irritating threw paper at my head during class, they laugh. Nobody believes me. For my "poor excuse", I get a detention.

I am so going to strangle you, Mr. Paper-throwing-infuriating-cute-red-head-that-I-must- Sorry, I did it again.

I enter the detention room and greet Mr. Mayberry. He usually holds the detentions.

"What was it this time, Ms. Jackson?" Mr. Mayberry asked genuinely curious.

"He was throwing paper balls at my head again. So, I tried to strangle him," I say nonchalantly, taking my seat.

Detention starts and everyone becomes quiet. I twiddle my thumbs and think up ways to execute my revenge for Zac. Unfortunately, the plans would never be able to leave my imagination without an extremely large amount of money. I continue daydreaming until my time is done.

I wave goodbye to Mr. Mayberry, before walking out of the room. The halls are quiet and empty because school had ended an hour ago. I turned the corner to head home, only to be stopped by a hard chest.

"Oomph. So- Daw…Dawson?" I sputter out.

Zac's hands steady me and he looks down at me in a seemingly condescending way. He gives that dazzling crooked smile that is rarely used.

Isaac Dawson may be a pain that no amount of medication can get rid of, but he is handsome. His chocolate wavy brown hair is always in his face, giving me the urge to move his hair out of his beautiful grey eyes. Oddly enough, I have a small crush on my tormentor.

"Aid? Earth to Aidan," Issac pressed, snapping his fingers in my face.

"What?" I snapped.

I was in no mood to deal with him. Especially considering that, he was the one that got me into detention.

Issac looked a bit hurt at my rudeness. Well, he deserves it. I thought. Does he really? Do you know the real Isaac Dawson? My good side countered. I huffed. Of course, I knew the real Zac Dawson; he was an annoying class clown that had nothing better to than bug the ever living day lights out of me.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I got you into trouble. I didn't mean for it to go that far. I was going to see if I could take you to get an ice cream to make up for what I did. But never mind, you don't want to hear it," He asserted.

My jaw goes slack and I stand there in shock. Zac shakes his head and murmurs, "You never want to hear me." He stalks off. I really shouldn't have been rude. Ha! Told you! Says the voice in my head. I tell it to shut up. I don't need anyone to tell me I screwed up. I already know full and well what I did. You could always change that. The voice suggests.

Calling his name, I sprint down the hall to catch up with Isaac.

"Stop. Please." I pant after I reach Zac's side. He turns around and crosses his arms over his chest. He stares at me. The look itself reads, "What?". "Look I am sorry. Throwing paper at me and landing me in detention only made my bad day even worse," I explain. "And lunging across the desk trying to strangle you was not a good thing either. I am truly sorry." I mumble the first part, not entirely willing to admit that it was the wrong thing to do. "Is that ice cream offer still up?" Hoping that I hadn't pushed it too far.

He looks at me for bit. I can visibly see his features soften. We both sighed, relieved.

"I forgive you, and yes, the offer is still open," He responds after almost a minute of silence.

I smile and Isaac slings an arm over my shoulders, guiding me to his car. The car is filled with an awkward silence. It was a long time before Issac turned up the music.

"You like Blink 182?" I asked, astonished that someone other than me liked the band.

"Yeah, the guys hate it when I drive because I don't have rap. I didn't pin you as a Blink fan." He responds.

"Totally, they're one of my favorite bands," I rave.

Our conversations traveled on. If we lapsed into a silence, someone would say something random which would start a new round of questions.

It was the start of a new friendship.

I started to forget that I was talking to Isaac Dawson, the annoying twerp that threw paper at my head. He started to become Zac, a cool, sweet, dorky boy. The more I hung out with Isaac, the less he irritated and messed with me. If he were to poke or throw a piece of paper at me, it was to get my attention. Slowly, I forgot who I thought Isaac Dawson was and saw him for who he actually was.

Today was our ten year friendship anniversary. To celebrate, we had spent the whole day at an amusement park, having fun.

I was blindfolded waiting for the car to stop. Isaac said that he wanted it to be a surprise. After what seemed an hour, we stopped moving. He tells me to stay still and he'll come get me. I huff. Truth be told, I am not patient. He helps me out of his car and guides me to a spot. He slowly takes off my blindfold and reveals a picnic by a lake, which we had hung out at in the summer. I turn and smile at him.

"How did you do this?" I ask in wonder.

"That is a secret that you are not going to find out anytime soon." He states quite confident.

I raise an eyebrow, knowing that he had his older brothers help him.

"I love it," I gush.

Isaac has our favorite foods prepared and everything seems to be perfect. After we finish our meals, we lay on the shore lake staring up at the stars.

"Why did you torture me all those days?" I whisper, breaking the comfortable silence.

Isaac sits up and I do the same. He rubs the back of his neck nervously and stares at the sand before saying anything.

"What would you say if I did it because I just wanted to be noticed by you?" He replies.

I blink a couple of times. Isaac Dawson, a popular boy, wanted to be noticed by me, a girl who was near the bottom part of the social ladder.

"Why me?" I ask incredulously.

"You're an amazing, smart, cute, spunky girl who is above me. You tell everything like it is. You don't try to be something that you're not and…and…. You're just amazing," He raves, while I stare at him in astonishment.

"Nobody has ever been this nice to me. Nobody has called me all those things. Not a single friend or even a boyfriend. Isaac Dawson, you are the most amazing person anyone could ask for," I tell him. "Maybe just maybe you were supposed to annoy me to the point of insanity. I think we were meant to be together."

He pecks my lips lightly before standing up. He offers a hand. I look at it warily. I was very happy lying down on the blanket. Most things Zac does have a purpose, so I take his hand, pulling myself up. He holds up a finger, universal sign for wait a minute. He reaches for something in his back pocket. His grey eyes twinkle in the moonlight. Zac bites his bottom lip nervously. I bite mine in return. He takes a deep breathe and gets down on one knee. I know that position.

"No way! No way!" I scream, jumping and down. A few birds that were sleeping peacefully now squawk.

A polite cough stops my little celebration. I look down at Isaac and bite my lip, trying to contain a bigger outburst.

The little box with the engagement ring is held up in his right hand. The ring, which isn't that big but I love it all the same, shimmers in the moonlight.

"Do I have to ask or is that my answer?" A grin is pulling on his lips.

"Just do it anyway," I say before lightly smacking him on the arm.

"Aidan Jackson, will you marry me?" he asks in his "serious" tone.

"Of course," I answer lightly. However, my heart is going a hundred miles an hour.

He takes my hand, both of us shaking, and he slips the ring on. I admire it for a moment. I plaster a maniacal grin on my face. Then tackle him to the ground. Our lips crash together. From wanting to strangle him to tackling him for a kiss, I think we made some improvements in our relationship.

A/N: Thank you for reading.

If you look up the meaning of the names (which I did), you'll be able to see a aspect of them.

Mr. Aldan Pier, history teacher, - Old, wise (I was going for the old)

Aidan Jackson – Little Fire (for that little bit of a temper she has)

Isaac Dawson- He will laugh (cause he's the class clown and everything)