If you haven't noticed

It's been awhile since you've talked to me

I feel like you've eaten a lotus

And forgotten all about me

I wish I could just hear you

When's the last time we sat by the bayou?

Remember the time we played hide-and-seek

And in the dark you kissed me

Back when I wasn't so weak

Outside it was so dark and gloomy

The thunder you could even hear

All you said was stay right here

I laid down on the floor

And you kissed me all over

The rain came down in a pour

I felt as lucky as a four leaf clover

I was as happy as can be

But now I feel more like a zombie

Remember the time we lay outside my house

And wished that time would stop

Instead of living in a madhouse

You know we could kiss nonstop

I feel like breaking every clock

It's all because of them my heart is an ice box

And do you remember the time

You first said you loved me

We laid on the couch, it's been such a longtime

Since you wrapped your arms around me

Under the blankets we'd lay

You were always in the mood for horseplay

Do you remember the time you chased me up the stairwell

Because I took the pillow you were laying with

Oh, how I wish you didn't say farewell

When I think of these times I know your love wasn't a myth

One day we will be together at last

And no longer will our lives be downcast