Kierlasch Roet - The Diary of a Modern Day Vampire

Born into the dark, raised to fight the light,

Destined to save both, wrong and right.

With the fire of the sun, and the ice of the moon,

With the dark of midnight, and the light of the noon.

On the morn' of the fall of the great one's rule,

Rises she, pray her choice not be cruel.

Bound to one man, fated to try,

Through time, through space, never to die.

I grant you one more chance," came the deep, resounding voice of the dragon of time and space." This time you must be careful. Your memories of this time shall be erased, however, you will know when you have strayed from the path of your destiny."

The hooded figure raised his head. He had obviously once been a startlingly handsome man. He was now broken. An empty shell. His eyes, said to be the window to the soul, were dead. His voice too, was shocking. The raspy remnants of a once, rich, beautiful bass.

"I knew I went wrong this time. I should never have left her. She was my saviour, not the other way round. I did not realise that."

The dragon's hard glare softened significantly;

"Well, we shall pray that this time you have the sense not to abandon a soulmate."

He did not answer. The dragon doubted he could even hear him, his eyes, had lost their dead look, and were now obviously years away, back before he had failed. When he was still with her.

"Now, go."

Said the dragon, and in a whirlwind of light, all disappeared. Having used the last reserves of his strength, the dragon collapses, never to rise again.

I feel the motor beneath me roar to life, and am soon flying along the road. My god, it feels so good to be back on the road, to feel the wind whipping my long black hair back, and massaging my face. I stifle a cry of delight and gun the engine. Long before any human could hear it, I hear a faint police siren. Flicking my head back, I see a cop. My green eyes flash with amusement. A human! A pathetic human! Challenging ME! I smirk, well….., it has been a while since my last meal. I turn my bike, shoot off the main road, and head toward the most deserted area of my territory.

I run my tongue over my very long, very sharp, and very deadly canines. Strange, he doesn't seem at all afraid of me, or even taken aback by the sudden appearance of my canines. I know he's not a vampyre, and yet, and yet….. there is a gnawing feeling in the back of my mind.

"You know I'm going to kill you, don't you?"

He doesn't flinch, but raises his head and levels icy glare at me.

"Never doubted it, isn't that what vampyres do?"

"How could you have known I was a vampyre when I was on my bike?"

His expression changes to one of contempt. He is brave, this one.

"You still think I'm human, don't you?"

I can only nod.

"I, too, am a vampyre. However my sire was not good enough to finish the job, hence my strength …. or lack thereof."

"But…but, you'd be dead?"

He smiles wistfully and shakes his head.

"No, he did not give me enough of his blood to take over my body, so I still survive mainly on my human blood."

This human, no, this vampyre, fascinates me. He is so beautiful, so self assured, yet so weak. Without stopping to think I ask him;

"Would you like me to finish the job for you?" Never in my life- my vampyrick life, have I spoken with so little intention of doing damage. I was shocked at the softness in my tone. Although it was still hard and cold due to centuries of practice, my eyes had softened, any my voice, my voice held no threat, cold, but not sharp.

He smiles at me, a real smile. I feel happy, entirely ashamed, but happy. No one has given me a real smile since I was human. I look into his beautiful eyes, they are green, with grey flecks. His white complexions, delicate build and short, spiked black hair complement them well.

Unable to restrain myself any longer, I bend my head back down and rip into his soft, white, inhuman neck.

He slowly raises his head. His pupils enlarge, then shrink again, adjusting to his changed genetic makeup. Quickly regaining his self-control, he took time to take in his surroundings. He is lying on a large four-poster bed. The sheets and curtain are a combination of scarlet and black. The curtain is open all the way, but the blackout curtains are down. Strategically placed candles light the room. He can make out a shadowy form sitting in a wooden, throne like chair on the far side of the room. Seeing him move, her head snaps up. Noting the direction his eyes are directed, I carefully and subtly adjusted her gaze to an icy glare.

"You need food," I announce with a wave of my hand in the direction of the door. His eyes follow my hand, and come to rest on a man, lying, tied up in about five metres inside the doorway. I watch him examine his meal. I study his face checking for some hesitation, some weakness. Anything to drive this feeling of companionship, attachment, even, I have found myself feeling for him. My hopes are disappointed, but I still cannot repress a smirk as a savage grin tears it's way onto his face. In a second he is kneeling beside the now prone form. The stupid human is obviously terrified, and with good reason. The ex-cop leans his head down, canines stretching toward the floor as he goes, and bites into the human's neck.

His canines shrink back down again, and he looks over at me.

"Not bad at all." He sighs, still kneeling, leaning back on his ankles, and looking up at the ceiling.

I nod.

"Of course it is. I keep my territory well maintained."

"I should have known. My name's Nichlaus Dasken by the way."

"Kierlasch- Kierlasch Röet"

"Pleased to meet you."

"The pleasure's all mine." I smile to myself at the familiar cold tone in my voice.

"Come with me."


I walk out the front to my bike. He looks at me expectantly,

"Get on."

"I do have my own bike."

"Then get on it, and let's go."

He turns without a word, and in a minute is back on a beautiful Kawasaki Vulcan Series 800 Classic. We simultaneously rev our engines, and are soon shooting down the road, toward my gang's meeting place.

They're all waiting for me.

"You're late," announces Pieter.

I nod my assent.

Glancing past me, he sees Nichlaus.

"Who's this?!" he demands, nodding at Nichlaus. I sigh internally; Pieter has always been a problem. Before I arrived, he was the leader. He still seems to think he is.

" 'This,' is Nichlaus. He will be hunting and meeting with us until he adjusts to our world, ok?"

Pieter obviously is not at all okay with this, but he has no choice. I am the leader of this gang, and easily three times stronger than him.

"Enough of this. One more member is one more hunter. Come on, I don't know about you guys, but I'm hungry."

Pieter, knowing when he is beaten, backs down.

My senses are going into overdrive. I breathe in deeply. Fear. Stealthily as a cat, and deadly as, well, as a vampyre, I watch my prey. He is becoming increasingly hysterical. I can barely keep my impulse to jump out and drink his thick, rich, sweet, heavenly blood. Adrenaline pumping, I follow him, as he stands stock still, save for the nervous glances he keeps shooting in every which way. Licking my lips in anticipation for his blood, I creep around, circling him, always keeping out of sight. I sneak up behind him and grab his shoulders. He jumps. I smile, and lean around, stab my teeth into his neck, and drink his blood. Almost lost in the pleasure of my meal, I barely pick up on Nichlaus' psychic distress call. I snap my head up and drop the body in my arms and look around. Nichlaus. I must find him. Running through the forest, (I haven't had any need to run in years,) I search for him. Finally, I find him, battling another vampyre. This vampyre is ancient, and is obviously more than a match for Nichlaus. Looking closer, I realise…IT'S PIETER!

"Hey!" I yell, verging on hysteria

"Get the fuck out of my domain!"

He looks over. He doesn't say anything, just pushes Nichlaus onto the ground and advances on me. I smirk, I haven't had a real fight since last time I fought Pieter. We begin to circle each other. At exactly the same moment, we attack. I block all his punches and kicks, and deliver plenty of my own. It seemed I was so worried about Nichlaus I over estimated his strength. Finally I kick him to the ground. Looking around, look for a stake. Repulsive as it is to me, he was hunting on my land. It had nothing to do with Nichlaus, it is because he was hunting on my land. Having found something, I turn to him, and raise it above my head. I feel a foot kicking it out of my hands. I stand and turn to face a second vampyre. She is tall and slim, with shockingly white hair, and sparkling, ruby-red eyes.

"I apologise for Pieter. I'm Clart'ah, by the way." She shoots him a glare, daring him to argue with her. He doesn't, I'm not surprised. I doubt he could beat her. She slings him across her shoulder and makes to leave.

"HEY!" I yell,

"I didn't know I'd lost our fight for this territory!"

"I didn't know we'd *had* a fight."

"Neither did I."

"Would you like to have one now."


Suddenly, we both burst out laughing, and simultaneously say;

"Sorry, feeding always gets me high."

I stop laughing, and slam my mouth shut. I was laughing… laughing. It wasn't a malicious laugh either. I was enjoying myself, but to enjoy myself, I need to have a soul, and to have a soul, I need to have bonded with my soul mate. I haven't bonded with any…..Nichlaus! Of course, He shouldn't have been able to speak telepathically when he was that weak. I steal a glance over at him, he doesn't seem to have noticed where my train of thought has gone. He's just giving me a blank stare. I have to stop myself from smiling again, I think I freaked him out a bit. I thank god he doesn't know the vampyrick legends. Looking around absentmindedly, my eyes fall on –what's his name- he is giving me a knowing look. He's first generation, like me. He knows the all about the laws of soulmates. He is giving me a knowing look. I see his eyes flick over to Blaise, and back again. I repress a smile, they're bonded! I wonder if she knows. I can tell at a glance she doesn't. Well, I wonder how she will react when she does. Right now, however that is not the issue. The issue is Nichlaus and I. I decide to ignore our bond. After all, a soulmate is a weakness, easy leverage. I know deep down I'm kidding myself. Even without the bond I am drawn to him, attached to him. I cannot go so far as admit I love him though, even in my subconscious.

Blaise left soon after my realisation. I must say, I was sorry to see her go. I shrug to myself. I'll get over it. Sensing movement to my left, I spin around, only to see its just Nichlaus trying to get up.

"I could have beaten him, you know."

He tells me with calm assurance. I look him over. He probably could have, too, but in my panic, I didn't realise it. Just thinking about it scares me. I don't even want to consider what would have happened if Nichlaus had been killed.

"I know you could."

A part of me wants to tell him how worried I was about him, tell him I just panicked. It's easily ignored. Instead I say;

"I misjudged it. Feeding will do that to you."

I can tell by his expression that the doesn't believe me, but he has not even considered bonding… yet. I hope he won't. Ever. Having him know would force me to acknowledge it. I cannot acknowledge it and still ignore it.

"Anyway, I'm going hunting. I'll be back in about an hour."

"Ok, then. You don't need to tell me you know. First of all, I can sense you anyway, and second, I don't need a babysitter."

I just nod, and walk out.

Licking my lips as I ascend the final staircase to my bedroom. Blood….. human blood. I flick the handle down, and walk in. Nichlaus is sitting in the middle of the floor, hunched over something- studying it. The door slams behind me. He looks over guiltily. With a questioning look, I advance on him and snatch the box from his hands. I hate doing this, having to know everything. I always hated people like this. I can't help it though. I open the box and look inside. I flip through the papers it holds. They are personal stats…MY PERSONAL STATS! He…. he isn't here because he loves me, not even because he likes me. He wants something from me- or to do something to me. My eyes a-fire with rage, I slowly raise my head to look at him, and in as controlled a voice as possible, I choke out;

"What the fuck is this?!"

He just stands there, looking at me. It seems I was very wrong about his being my soulmate, and yet….I…. love him. With no small amount of effort, I change my train of thought, and begin to rebuild my non-physical, but very real layer of ice around myself. Without noticing it, my expression has changed back to the cold contemptuous glare of old. Once again, I am cold, and uncaring. I thought this was what I wanted, but I'd give just about anything to take it back. Handing his box back to him I say;

"I don't know why you have these, I don't think I want to know, but I can guess. I should have realised earlier, but I didn't. Good-bye, Nichlaus."

He didn't move, not until the end of m speech. I think my adieu stirred him out of whatever stupor he was in. He opens his moth to speak, but, having a change of heart, closes it, grabs his jacket off the chair, and sweeps majestically out of the room. I am left to myself. Myself, and the triumph of having successfully banished from my life, the one person I have ever, could ever, have loved. I physically shake myself. Enough of this. It's about time I went hunting with the gang. Focusing my energy, I send a message out to them to meet me at the local game park. Tonight, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Run, grab, bite, kill. Run, grab, bite, kill. How many humans have I fed on tonight. Ten, twelve?! This is not taking my mind off Nichlaus, in fact the monotony and ridiculous ease in hunting humans is bringing my thoughts back to him more and more. This is not what I need. What I need is to get away. To go somewhere that doesn't remind me of Nichlaus. To get away from him. I glance at the sky, meeting the gang at the clearing in ten minutes. I shrug, and had towards it. They are already there when I arrive, but are eating, so do not notice me. I sit down quietly to wait for them to finish. To my left I sense a moving form. I unobtrusively slip away from the group, and sneak around behind the form. As soon as I get within ten metres, I realise it's Nichlaus. I don't know whether or not he knows I am here.

"Nichlaus. What are you doing here?"

"What does it look like. We need to talk."

"We have talked."

"You have talked, I have listened, now I wish to talk."

"Talk, you have five minutes."

"There is an ancient prophecy, it goes;

Born into the dark, raised to fight the light,

Destined to save both, wrong and right.

With the fire of the sun, and the ice of the moon,

With the dark of midnight, and the light of the noon.

On the morn' of the fall of the great one's rule,

Rises she, pray her choice not be cruel.

Bound to one man, fated to try,

Through time, through space, never to die.

We believe you to be the 'she' referred to. The judgement day is coming, and we need your help. You will decide the fate of the Earth. I was sent to find you, and bring you back with me."

"Even if I choose to believe you, I do not want this, I refuse this."

"The world will die without your help."

"Forgive me if I am not particularly trusting of the motives of someone who could….of your organisation."

"Don't say that. I love you. It was I sent here to get you because we are soulmates."

"You knew?!"

He smiles, and I know then, even if he had not explained this, I would have stayed with him.

"So, are you coming?"

"Of course. Come, let's get my things."

I say a quick good-bye to the gang, then take Pieter aside;

"Pieter, I'm leaving, you are the leader once again."

He doesn't seem as happy as I thought he'd be.

"Where are you going?!"

"I don't know. A quest, I suppose you could call it."

"I'm coming with you."

"No, you're not."

"I am, and that's it. Clart'ah, is also coming."

I glance over at Nichlaus;

**It's up to you, I have no objection to it. **

**Very well, he can come, then. **

**Alright. **

"Alright, you can come, if you so wish it."

He just nods, as if this was the outcome he'd expected all along, and leaves to collect Clart'ah, I assume. Nichlaus and I head off to collect some things.

"Ready to go?"


I can see him sigh to himself. He doesn't understand I need all my boots, and all my jackets. Finally I am ready. He breathes a sigh of relief and head down the stairs. As I leave I can't help but glance back and wonder what will happen to my home of the last few centuries. I decide to reclaim it when I return.

-End of Prologue-