a/n: one of those rare things i actually wrote about someone who made me feel terrible.

oh, you're so good

slip your fingers into mine

pull me closer

pat my back but kick my dog

smiling the whole while

red stained fingertips

brown stained nails

snap my legs there's

nowhere to run not even if i

wanted to

reach into my chest and

take out my heart with gentle fingers

careful because you don't want

to hurt me?

put it in a jar on your oak bookshelf

tucked away between hemingway and wilde

then one day soon when you miss me

take it down and look at it

then put it back up

slip a book in front of it

don't worry I won't feel a thing

even if i did i'd never tell

noone would

believe me

red stained fingertips

brown stained nails

oh, you're so good.