Chapter 8: meeting the grandparents part 2

Every ones eyes was on the man that was walking across the bridge. He did not show any expiration on his face. His face is kind of long and sharp looking.

As he got near the end my father went to meet him. I looked at my mother and her family.

"Mom, who is that man?" I asked her while every ones eye were still on the two men now.

"Dear that is your Uncle Tanemahuta. But every one calls him Tane for short. He is your fathers youngest brother." my mother said with kind of funny sound to her voice.

"Oh, how many siblings dose daddy have?" I was looking at her then I looked back to the two men. They started to walk this way.

"Well lets see… He has seven siblings. Your father is a twin and so are the other six. Cakrin and Einmyria are the eldest, then your father and his twin sister Kali, then Ishtar and Vasu are next, then last is Tane and Adrasteia. So four boys and four girls. Then his mothers name is Niamh and his fathers name is Javen." she said sounding a little winded from naming them all. I just smiled at her.

"Wow. I come from a big family. Do they have any children of their own?" I asked and then my dad and his brother were getting closer.

"I think that we should start walking towards them." Qamar said still holding my hand.

"That's a great idea, Qamar. Ria I don't know if they have any kids. Your father and I have not really kept in touch since we got married." then we started to walk to them.

I looked at Qamar and then to every ones face. I was so over whelmed that I though that I was going to get every ones name mixed up.

They reached us. I looked at my uncle and saw that he was as handsome as my father. Up close to can see his eyes where the shade of brown that looked almost black. He didn't seem to friendly.

"Tane this is my daughter Kamaria. Kamaria this is my younger brother Tane." I just looked at him and took in everything.

His hair was down to the middle of his back. It was a deep red color. It had a slight wave to the bottom of his hair. Then he has about five or six thick black strikes through it. He was tall to. Taller then both my dad and Qamar. Then he just smiled at me.

"Nice to finely meet my only nice. Hadriel who is this young man?" he said in a deep voice. Then he smiled again. He had dimples that made him look younger. Which also made his face look kinder to…

"This is Qamar. He is Ria's fiancé. They have known each there since grade school." my father said proudly.

"Nice to meet you too Qamar. Oh and look at the lovely Adri. You know I think that I was the only one to really think that you and my brother where meant for each other." he said as he took my mothers hand and kissed it like a gentleman.

"Now, now. Then Hadriel are they ready for us?" my mother took her hand back and turned to look at my father.

"Yes they are ready for every one." Tane said and started to walk away.

So we kept up with his brisk walk across the bridge. Then we came to the door and he had the man that was standing there open the vast doors.

Then the man led us in side. Oh my god! I wished I had brought my camera with me. So that way I could take pictures so that I could get a picture with my family. I could have made a scrap book. Also what kind of girl gets to meet a whole family for her sweet 16? Every one I know troughs a party and me? I get to meet family for the first time, and also get engaged at the same time… Well I am having a pretty nice birthday. I get to spend it with ones that I had always whished to meet and the ones that I have loved a long time.

"Oh my gosh! This place is, is wonderful!" I almost yelled.

"Well that's nothing. Would all of you like a tour of the place before or after dinner?" Tane asked.

My father went to the head of the group and said, "Well I don't want to keep mother and father, so we shall after dinner." he saw the sadness on my face and said, "You have a lot of time to see this place. Do not worry Ria." wit that him and Tane took off down the hall.

A few minutes go by, I was starting to think that it would be an hour just to get to the dinning room. Then we came upon a set of doors. That were as big if not bigger then the doors that let up in to the castle.

They were made of solid purple heart wood. Then the door man wait for all us to be close to the door and then he opened it.

My jaw just dropped. The room what done in different shades of blues. The chairs were all black. The walls were a dark blue with silver and white out lines. There were portraits of people I have never seen. They were all hand done and beautiful.

I went looking at the portraits to the other side of the room and that's when I saw them. They were all standing and starting to come towards us. I took Qamar's hand in mine and squeezed his hand. Then he looked at me with pain on his face. I let up my grip on his hand. He nodded once. Then we both looked back at the people coming.

My father went up to and elder couple.

"Mother, Father. I've missed you. How are you?" he asked them. He gave each one a hug and then made it back to our little group. My moms family took a few steps backwards. The only one standing by me now was Qamar.

Then my father was in front of me.

"Kamaria, Qamar. This is my mother, Niamh, and this is my father, Javen." he said and took a few steps away.

As we just stood there looking at each other. My grandma looked kind and wise. She had snow white hair and green eyes. She did not have any wrinkles on her face. Just some laugh lines. She was about as tall as I am. Then I looked at my grandfather. He looked like my dad. He had the brown hair and honey color eyes. He was tall like my dad, but had a little more build to him. Then they both smiled at me.

"Umm… Hello grandma, grandpa Matzo. It's nice to have finely meet you. This is my fiancé Qamar." I said in a low voice. I was so shy I didn't know how to handle this. This is the first time meeting all these people and I don't know if I look how I am suppose to for them.

"My dear. How long we have waited to see you. To have finely meet you as well." my grandmother said then came closer to me. She took her hand and laid it upon my face.

I have never felt so whole in my whole life. Both parts of the family and my love. They had so much love for me already. It felt like I was truly wanted for once in my life.

Then she hugged me.

"Ria, you are truly amazing in every way. I am proud to call you my own, my flesh and blood. Glad that you are part of this family." my grandfather said to me and then came up to give me a hug as well.

Then the rest of fathers family came up. All the women came up to me first.

The eldest I suppose was just as beautiful as the other girls. The only thing that set her apart was the color of her eyes. They are a shade of ice blue. All of their skin color was the same. A light bronze color that looked great on them. Dad's sister had the gray eyes. I looked from face to face and saw that the third sister had a light violet eye color and the youngest sister green eyes.

"I am Einmyria, I am the eldest girl." she came up to me and did a short curtsey and looked at me.

"I am Kali, I am your fathers twin sister." she did the same as Einmyria and did a short curtsey.

"I am Ishtar, I am the third sister." she said as she gave me a curtsey.

"And I am Adrasteia, I am the baby sister." instead of showing my a curtsey she came up and hugged me. The men and the other kind of took in a sharp breath.

I guess she was to act like her sisters. I'm glad that she didn't. I don't like formal things.

"It's nice to meet you all. As you know already I am Kamaria, but please call me Kam or Ria. Please don't be so formal with me. We are after all family. We are suppose to have fun and get along." I said smiling at all of them.

They all nodded and then hugged me all at once. Then they backed away and then came there men.

"I am Cakrin, I am the eldest boy." he said as I held my hands out to hug him. Instead he stood there and looked at me.

"Uncle Cakrin may I have a hug?" I asked before he bowed.

He shrugged and then came towards me and hugged me. It was a tight hug. Then when we let go of each other I notice that his eyes were a gray blue color. They were different from Einmyria's eyes.

"I am your fathers younger brother, Vasu." he hugged me just as tight as Cakrin. I looked at his eyes too and they were different from Ishtar's they were a dull red color. Like dried up blood. They looked nice but a little bit creepy.

"I am Tane. We have already met out side." he said and gave me a hug too. Like papa's eyes they were almost black.

"Okay, now that every one is introduced why don't we all sit and have dinner?" my grandmother Niamh said.

"What a great idea and then that way we all can get to know each other." I said.

Then we walked more in to the dinning room there where three long tables. They looked in the shape of a u. Both sets of grandparents went to the head of the table. They both sat down and then waved for me to come sit in between them. Grandma Matzo was on my left and Grandma Adorn was on my right hand side. Mom and dad were to right of grandpa Adorn. Then the others all took a seat.

As soon as every one took a seat. There were maids every were and asking what every one would like to drink.

"Do you have any kind of soda?" I asked the maid.

She nodded and then said, "We have every kind. What would you like to drink miss?"

"I would like a Pepsi please." I told her and she wrote it down and then asked my grandparents. They both order wine.

Once the maids were gone. I looked around at my family.

I could have never dreamed of this feeling... I thought that I would never meet any of my family. I think that dads family is a little up tight. But other then that they seem like great people.