I know that you have a disease,

I know that you have problems,

Why can't you fix your own life?

Why can't you stop ruining ours?

She cares for you the most,

You threw out her love like burnt toast,

Why can't you see?

That this is also affecting me?

And everyone else? Not just you!

Not everything is about you,

But I know you wish it was,

What is going on inside your mind,

Is hurting me and affecting life,

You make me worry, you make me sad,

You make me feel as if I've done something bad,

I know that all I do is avoid you,

But that's the only choice you have left me with,

Running round your never ending madness,

Makes me tired and makes me worried,

It's a new thing everyday,

Why do you say the things you say?

Your family cares, and you can't see,

You think your always right,

You make it so I can't sleep at night,

Your madness is ours,

And we care!