They say, "Welcome to America, now speak English",

But it's "Welcome to America, the Great Melting Pot,

A place where you can see a McDonalds next to a Panda Express next to a Taco Bell.

Where you can walk through the mall and hear ten different languages at once.

Where you can program your television and your movies and your technology to speak your language.

Where you can have friends from four different countries.

Where you can seek political asylum.

Where people who came over on rafts with nothing can be doctors and lawyers and teachers.

It's the land of the free,

Where you can practice whatever religion you want.

Where you can say whatever you want in your newspaper.

Where you can own a gun.

Where police can't search you without reason.

Where you can express yourself in any way and any language."

People here fought racism in their own country,

Yet some of us still feel it daily.

Is it okay to be xenophobic here?

You're American.

Have your freedom.

Not everyone who wants a better life is accepted because of their language or their religion.

Why is it that Americans hate Hispanics for getting jobs?

Why do they hate all Muslims just because some extremists are terrorists?

Why is it an insult to be called a Jew?

They hate us if our English isn't perfect.

"Welcome to America, now speak English."

All right,

But when you come to Mexico…

You better speak freaking flawless Español.

A/N: That can be considered harsh, but was not an attack on Americans. I have lived here my whole life, but, being Cuban and having a Muslim friend, I know some people are ridiculously biased. This was just me ranting about the unfairness.