Silver Sixpence (In Her Shoe)

Chilly toes,
Painted and polished.
Squeezed in tiny shoes,
Ahh, those Jimmy Choo's.

Do you take the step?
Down the passage – future in sight,
Make that choice?
Shall there be cause for rejoice?

Or will you falter?
Stop your march.
Halt the famous tune,
Shatter his heart: like a pin to a balloon.

For those chilly feet,
They can predict a lifetime.
Can you open that oak door?
Walk onto the petal speckled floor?

Can you make it down the aisle?
To your dearly adored?
Step by step: dance with the beat.
Continue to where you'll both meet.

Speak the words,
The bind of all time.
A promise to love,
For do you not match like a fitted glove?

Gaze upon the golden knob.
Decision – now or never.
Manicured hand shaking,
Stomach quaking.

Shake no more,
Nerves vanished.
It's he who was meant for only you.
Say those words… "I do"

Ha, all this from the just played "Bones" epi - BB love!


Title is from that old saying... You know the one! R&R? Thanks!