(As of January 1, 2010) I tweaked the chapters a bit; transferring the prologue to the first chapter and such… you know the drill. XD

Just a little (no, huge, actually) project to redeem my self-esteem. It'll be a little different for your taste, but here's to hoping you'd enjoy anyway.

Years pass. Memories fade. People come and go.

The world revolves around this sphere of uncertainty and everyday is unpredictable.

Its top predator begins to falter.

We're humans; subject to love, joy, pain, fear, loss.

We're a variety of different peoples,

faced with many challenges each time our eyes open to another day – willing or not.

We fall in and out of love.

Either we, or the ones we love, are to suffer from our mistakes.

Greed overcomes our selflessness,

pride over humility,

materialism, obsession, blasphemy, betrayal.

For everything that goes wrong,

we put the blame on others,

or on ourselves.

There's the peer pressure of school or work,

the need to keep going

when your body can't take the load,

and your knees start to give in,

and your mind is begging you to stop,

but you don't... you won't.

And then, there's the hurt; that black hole in our hearts,

merciless as it eats us alive

and leaves us empty inside.

You feel like there's no one you can turn to.

You refuse to get help.

You slip and fall into the darkness.

And eventually, it all passes.

But I'm staying.


They're at it again.

I can hear their violent argument through the door; dad and all his drunken glory, yelling a stream of profanities, and mom screaming back in an effort to defend herself, fright evident in her strained voice. There's a loud crash, and mom's cries are silenced; only faint whimpers come through her trembling lips. Dad's slurred voice comes booming again.

I cringe and cover my ears, hoping to tune out the noise; there, I lay, slumped behind my door, a young girl who has to go through this almost every day, it was already sort of a routine - wake up, evade mom and skip breakfast, catch a ride to school with a neighbor, school, early 'supper' at my favorite burger joint, homework, hit the hay and try to ignore all the screaming, swearing and crashing. I guess I was just too scared to leave the safe havens of my bedroom, bed, beanies and all, to face them.

I couldn't.

Free hug? :)