Imari is my name. I have lived for over 300 years and still have not found love. Yes I have had plenty of dates to last me till I die. I would just like to have some one that is like me in many ways but not me at the same time. finding love like that is just hard.

Maybe I should just give up and work and work. I know that the women these days don't stay home and cook for their loving and caring families. No sir. I lived through out the 1100's and all the way up till now. Just watching the fashion through the years, watching how families went from loving and caring to people who can barely stand to live with each other.

Anyways I'll tell you a little about my self. I am a super model. Yes a vampire can be a super model. You just have to have the right people for the job. I stand about five foot, ten inches. I have long white hair with a few black strikes through it.

I was born in 1160 to a rich family. she was an only child to the family. her mother died when she was a young girl. all she had left was her father. by the time she was a teen her father had met another woman by the name Scarlett Asher. she came from a small wealthy family. she was a nice lady. but to Imari she was like an older sister she never had. the woman was only 26 years old. by the time Imari was 22 years of age. she met a man named Kyan Lachlan. her father was glad that she had met him. he was a kind man gentle man. he was tall and handsome. to make her father even more happy he was was from a royal family. so now 850 years latter. I'm a vampire and a super model.

I swear men can be real pigs some times. I had moved in with him and we were planning on getting married. That was the only way I would move in with him. It was about nine months in to the relationship with him that I noticed that I only ever saw him during the night. on our ten month anniversary he told me what he was. Then I had a choice to make. Be like him or die being food for him...

So then I guess that is what they call history now.

I have a nice body figure. That's why I became a supermodel easy money. I also get to travel a lot. Well I guess that enough for now. On to the real story at foot.

It was a normal day at work when my manger came up to me and said, "Imari, baby looking hot like always. I just got a call from Taliyah Secrets. they want you for their new line of lingerie. they need you by next month. I told them that you have a free week coming up soon. they told me that you can come and do the shoot after your week off." he gave me the smile of hero's.

"Kiliam, how many times must I tell you not to call me baby. I'm not dating you and there for you should not be saying things like that to me. That's great news that they want me to do their new line. Now can I please go back to doing what I was doing?" looking at him I gave him a small smile and went back to the guy that was taking the photos.

I looked at my manger again and shook my head. He was a plain kind of guy. He was really short for being a man. I think he was only five foot, and he was kind of over weight. His hair was a dull brown with a balding spot in the back of his head. His face was kind of narrow and when he held a straight face it looked as though he has no lips at all. But over all he was a decent man and fun to be around. I took a look at the photography. Now he was sexy.

He had the strong jaw line and a full bottom lip. His eyes were green and he had blond hair. he was kind of shot as well, only stood five foot eight or nine inches. his hair is kind of short but still able to spike it.

"Imari, can you put this on now. this is for the winter line." Ace said, holding up a long evening dress and shoes to match it.

"Yeah." I said when I took it in to the dressing room. I took off what I was wearing already and then changed in to a sliver blue dress that by the knee started to turned black. It was sparkly and the make up artist did my makeup to match the dress. When I was done with that I went out to the shoot and there was my background.

When I walked out of my dressing room there was another man that was waiting by the bench. He was tall and handsome. When he made eye contact with me I could tell that he was another vampire and his eyes were a honey brown color. His skin looked whiter then my own, and his hair darker then the night sky.

"Good evening." I said as I went over to the bench.

"Mr. Zaid this is Imari Adriel, Imari this is Javen Zaid he will be doing the photo shoot with you tonight." Ace said to me.

Javen took my hand and kissed the top of it. That was a vary sweet gesture. *He must be a vary old vamp in deed if he is kiss the tops of women's hands. I wonder how he could be….*

"Well Miss Imari, I just hit my 2050 birthday last month." he took the shock in when I looked at him. "Yes I am a mind reader vampire. But while we work I'll try not to read your mind." he kind of laughed and then went to the bench.

"Well okay. With that done. Ace what is our photo shoot about tonight? Kiliam did not give me a memo one this one. He must have forgotten. He has been trying to get me more jobs and what not." I asked Ace and went over to stand by Javen.

"Oh, right he had told that he forgot. This is a night in the park and your "loved one asks you to marry him" this is for a diamond store. You are going to be sitting on the bench while he kneels down to pop the question. I need you to look how a woman is suppose to look when getting asked this." Ace kind of blushed when I shot him that look.

"Well okay." I said and then took a seat on the bench and Javen got down on one knee.

"That's great!" Ace took a picture and then another one.

Javen took out a little box and opened it. It was the prettiest ring I have ever seen. The ring was white gold with a black diamond. The diamond was cut in to the shape of a heart. There was also two small rubies on both side of the heart. It took my breath away.

I started to cry. Then shoved the ring on my hand took Javen in to my arms. Then I heard snapping of a camera taking pictures.

Then I remembered where I was. I leaned back and then Javen kissed me. I tried to pull back but the kiss was just so wonder full. It was soft at first and then it got harder, I let my willpower drop for the moment and kissed back.

*2050 years of kissing…. Oh yeah. I have never been this satisfied with a kiss in a long time. Well since… no I can't think about him.* I pulled back and he let me this time and then there was another snap. Then I remembered who I was kissing.

"Did you head what I was saying?" I whispered to him. He just smiled at me and took me in to his arms.

"Well that about wraps it up for this shoot Imari. I think that they are going to be happy with these pictures." Ace said as he went to hug me.

"Ace do I get to keep the ring?" I asked as he went to another part of the little room.

"You have to ask Mr. Zaid." was all he told me.

Then I looked to Javen. "You may keep that ring if you allow me to take you to dinner."

"Sure what time did you have in mind?" as I sat looking at the ring on my hand.

"How about right now? I mean we are dressed for it and all. I had to change my plans earlier so I have a table for us waiting. I thought that you would like to have dinner after you work. I always do." he just shrugged and let me think about it for the moment.

I nodded and walked with him out to his limo.