Hello and welcome to the Blang list! Here you will find a list of acronyms, idioms and random made up words, along with their definitions!
Uploaded due to popular demand by people who never have any clue what I'm talking about.
I have placed the words in separate categories, as you can see below. Any meanings of 'real' words mentioned here are not from any official works unless stated otherwise.

Taking requests for new words - just review/pm me with the word, definition and your name :)
I will be adding new words as I receive/remember them, so keep a watch!

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The 'Dame' Blang List

Dude, what's with the title?
Dame = 'Damn, that's lame'
Blang = Bea's slang


Warning definition: Beatrice = Me, cool, awesome (ant.) Modest :P

Squee(t) = Yay!
Uber = (adj.) Very, super (n.) Someone's superiority level - i.e. Loser, Normal, Cool, Ubercool, Uber, Me.
Meep meep. = I think this line's mostly filler..(Ref. to Sentences/Phrases)
Yell = A**Hole (A**Hole = AH = yell)
Fahjidge = Oh bother/Ah crap
Moomoo! = Holy shyte
Oo-er = Ooh la-la/er..another filler..
Ebilness = Moi's version of evilness, but better
Ninja = (n.) Me (v.) Kick someone's butt - e.g. I'm gonna ninja you!
Gah = Blegh
Frosted = To be cold shouldered
(Insert name/shortened name here) + ey/o = Inserted name becomes a nickname the Aussie way - e.g. John becomes Johnno xD
Happy dance = *Imagine me jumping around hyperactively in a small circle*
Mary = (n) Innocence, virginity, virgin. However, this form of virgin can be lost multiple times - e.g. 'she lost her mary twice in the movie' means 'she had sex twice'..
Whoot = Variation of woot
Woot = See 'squee' (isn't this just like a real dictionary? xD)
Erlack = Gross!
Split second = When one exits out of something that they have been working on for the last 3hours WITHOUT SAVING! o.O
Connexed = To get screwed over by a public transport system - doesn't matter if the system is international, or not actually connex, you've still been connexed. Just because.
Drinking rainbows = Getting high on sugar/getting drunk/drinking cocktails. Open to interpretation.
Oat = (n.) A person or thing that is completely fake; a total bimbo; Paris Hilton. "Paris Hilton is an oat."
Cheese-o-meter = A system of measuring how blank or random a person's mind is/random spam.

"I think this line's mostly filler" = Reference to Buffy (Willow, 'Walk through the Fire' Episode 6, Season 7 - Once More With Feeling)
"Why so SERIOUS?!" = Time to laugh like a lunatic.
"Do you want to DIE?!" = Please stop what you're doing, it is making me feel uncomfortable (If you value your life, stop now.)
"Shoop da whoop!" = (n.) The sound one makes as they fire their awesomesauce laser.
"Tseer!"/"Tseew!" = (n.) Another sound made when firing a laser. What? I like lasers.
"Do you like CHEESE?" = My mind is blank/Do you like cheese?

Contractions/Joint words:
Awesomesauce = Picked up in the RG, basically means awesome
Pickred = ..Rhyme it and you'll have your answer...o.O
Sif = As if
Grool = Great/cool/Mean girls ref
Concrit = Constructive criticism
Catspeak = Terrible grammar, but in a cute way. Often used in lolcat pics and when myself or friends interact with each other.
Snerk = Snort/smirk (a compressed snort/snicker)

DILLIGAD = Do I Look Like I Give A Damn?
WYTAF = What You Talking About, Fool?
YMFUC = Yo Mama's Effed Up Club
YMCA = Yo Mama's Association Australia/Young Mens Christian Association xD
R&R = Read and Review
MWF = My Face When
APU = As Per Usual
WD = World domination. (Usually referring to the forum, not the actual act though)

Presactly = precisely/exactly - Submitted by XxNoImaginationxX
Cheesing = the act of being cheesy to someone - Mentioned by clandestinedownpour
Cheesed = to be cheesified - i.e to have someone else be really sleazy/cheezy to you - Mentioned by clandestinedownpour