Sometimes I feel so swallowed
As I'm left to deteriorate inside these summer days
Eaten away by the small flame of sun
Inching every closer to burn my globe
Almost as if to say that he wants to push me off my axis
Until I tilt down
Falling backwards into his warming pool of glow

And the trees roll their shoulders
Imitating the wind as it blows across the heads of hundreds
Hair pushed back from their faces
Revealing the squinted surprise of the newness of sunshine|
Dusting their cheeks in a soft coat of red
Each one so beautifully individual
Yet threaded together by nothing more than weather
Nothing more than natural satisfaction
Seeping into their bones

I hear children sounds
Laughter and indignation
The effect of play-
The cause
And yet order seems irrelevant
What does it matter if it is the bare feet crossing the grass
Or the ground moving tiny bodies along itself
Small arms and legs joining together
Into something communal and larger
Than the self-satisfied education grown inside
These walls of education

A woman strides across my view
Short legs wobbling across the pavement
As if newly acquainted with the walk
An infant to the world of strut
And the billows of her flowing shirt get caught by the wind
Revealing small white stretch marks lined above her shorts
But she is defiant and presses on
Falling through clouds of smoke
Blooming from the fingers of a sad cigarette man
Squinted eyes scanning her in grotesque fashions
Looking for ghosts in the masterpiece paintings
Of the shadows belonging to bricks and trees
The ugliness is perplexing
And yet
Loveliness consumes their bodies
Astounding me like only true humanity can

I watch as my lover falls beneath the lines of the earth
His ever warm rays being eaten
Sunlight as it begins to wane and then so quickly dies

August blue skies becoming saturated
As the fires disperse into specks of white
If only my ken could wrap itself around such days
The link between these stars and the life below
Perhaps then I could relish as the rest of the world sleeps
Waiting for the light to return