World of Illusions

I know I'm meant for something more than this

I'm stuck in a place I just don't belong

I know there's more to life than mere existing

How can you stay strong in a place so wrong?


I'd like to be climbing Mt. Everest

Have a view down from a place so high on

See how far I've come from being a mess

And finally be able to glimpse the mountain's top



Want to fly

Want to dream

To succeed


This is a life of delusions

Where it's easy to get lost in the fog

It's world of illusions

Distracting you from the truth of G-d


How can I stay somewhere that brings me down?

I was placed here, and I didn't have a choice

How can I remain in a baseless town?

When I need to be free and unafraid to express my voice


I born with a purpose

I'm afraid I need to earn it

I was given a life to live

And a job to make my life worth it



Need to try

Need to achieve

To succeed


In a life of delusions

I must see through the fog

In a world of illusions

I need to be able to see the truth of G-d


I am open to change

Without it there's no purpose or being or way

I am open to falling

Without it there's no place for rising

I just need

A setting where I can be free

No one looking or judging

No one seeing my faults but G-d and me


Cuz this is my life of revelation

Realizing the only rights

This is my world of retribution

I will get as much as for what I fight