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A man with long, silver hair and ice blue eyes walked into the forest. He smirked as he came upon a castle. He chuckled.

"Well, well. This is where the little Kyuna-kun lives," the man said. "Along with her family. It makes me sick."

He then jumped higher through the trees, going to the top.


A woman with blonde hair with a red strand stared at three children with her ocean blue eyes. She wore a pearl night gown and a smile.

Two girls and a boy were rolling a bright red ball. A girl with blonde hair and emerald green eyes rolled the ball to the other girl, who had blonde and black hair with ocean blue eyes.

This girl rolled the ball to a boy with black hair and ocean blue eyes.

The woman smiled as they continued to roll the back and forth to each other.

"Rihi!" the boy said to the blonde haired girl, rolling it to her.

"Chikie!" Irihi said, rolling it to the blonde and black haired girl.

Chieko giggled.

"Suei!" she said, rolling it to the black haired boy.

Getsuei clapped his hands and rolled it back to Irihi.

The woman laughed softly, watching her children play.

Arms were then wrapped around her chest. She looked back to see a black spiked haired man with emerald green eyes smiling at her.

"Shinku-koi!" the woman said, a blush creeping on her face.

Shinku leaned down and kissed her cheek, smiling.

"Yes, Kyu-kun?" he asked in a whisper.

Kyuna blushed more. She then heard a giggle and looked. Irihi and Getsuei were rolling the ball but Chieko was looking at her mother.

This made Kyuna blush more and caused Chieko to giggle more.

"She likes it when you blush," Shinku said, smiling.

Chieko then turned back to her siblings and reached for the ball, which Getsuei happily rolled to her.

Shinku kissed Kyuna's neck.

"She's not the only one though," he whispered, licking at her neck.

Kyuna bit her lip, her blush darkening.

"K-Koi!" Kyuna whispered.

He chuckled and climbed over the couch, sitting by her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. Kyuna pouted at him but laid her head on his chest.

Chieko then shot her head up. She looked towards the door and smiled.

"Jahshin!" she said, pointing to the door.

Kyuna blinked.

"Jashin? What's Jashin?" she asked.

Shinku put his hand to his face and groaned.

"Some stupid god thing Hidan worships," he said.

Kyuna blinked, but understood.

Chieko sat giggling while clapping her hands.

"Jahshin, Jahshin!" she giggled, looking at the door.

The door then burst open, letting in the rain that had begun enter the house.

A man with silver hair and violet eyes walked in. He wore a black jacket with no shirt and blue jeans. He carried a scythe with three blades and around his neck was a circle necklace with an upside down triangle in the middle.

"That's right, squirt!" the man yelled. "Hidan's back!"

Chieko then stood up, wobbling slightly. Kyuna tried to stand up but Shinku held her back, smiling.

"She's got this, Kyu," he said.

Kyuna relaxed only slightly and watched Chieko. Chieko walked slowly to Hidan, who was kneeling down with his arms open.

"C'mon, squirt!" he yelled. "You got this!"

Chieko then reached him and fell. She then looked sad as tears formed in her eyes.

"Oh no you don't!" he said, picking her up and standing up.

He held her high in the air, smiling.

"Don't you cry! You did it!" he yelled.

Chieko then smiled and giggled, clapping her hands. She then held her arms out and Hidan brought her down. She hugged his neck.

"Jahshin man!" she said happily.

Hidan smiled as he held her close.

"That's right!" he said. "Jashin man."

Kyuna smiled at him.

"So…they're all vampires too?" Kyuna whispered.

Shinku smiled and nodded his head.

"Just about everyone you'll meet that we know are vampires," he said. "But don't worry. I'll tell you when someone isn't a vampire."

Kyuna smiled and watched Hidan.

"He really likes her," she said.

"Yeah," Shinku said.

Kyuna looked at Shinku and saw him to be staring intensely at Hidan and Chieko. Chieko was still hugging Hidan's neck, who was smiling at her with eyes of admiration.

Irihi then looked to the opened door and smiled.

"Yoge!" she said, standing up slowly.

In walked a man with dark blonde hair and grey eyes. His hair was short and spiked as he wrung it of water. He wore a white sleeveless shirt and torn up pants. He wore dirty white sneakers.

He looked at Irihi who was running to him. He knelt down and she jumped into his arms.

"Yoge-kun!" she said happily.

The man laughed softly.

"Yonige, Irihi-kun," he said. "Yo-ni-ge."

"Yo…Ni…Jay," Irihi said determinedly.

Yonige laughed and stood up, holding her.

"Almost!" he said enthusiastically. "We'll work on it later."

Irihi smiled and hugged his neck tightly. Hidan was now sitting on the stairs, letting Chieko bounce down them, watching her closely. Yonige walked over to Kyuna and Shinku and sat across a couch from them.

Getsuei looked at the ball sadly. Shinku then smiled.

"Getsuei," he said, "wanna play with Daddy?"

Getsuei looked up and smiled. He nodded his head quickly.

Shinku then picked him up quickly and placed him on his shoulders.

"Ready?" he said.

Getsuei smiled.

"Yes, Daddy!" Getsuei said, smiling brightly.

Shinku held on to his small hands and began to run around.

Kyuna smiled.

"Shocking their only three months old," Yonige said, watching Irihi bite his finger with her canine teeth.

Kyuna smiled.

"Yeah," Kyuna said. "I'm still getting used to the fact that their only three months old. They have been talking since day one. I'm not really used to the whole demon/vampire thing yet."

Yonige smiled at her.

"Well you were blocked from that stuff for eighteen years," he said. "It's only natural. You'll get the hang of it soon. Speaking of which, how goes your demon whatever."

Kyuna laughed.

"Well I am officially done mastering changing," she said. "I can change to wolf form at any time now."

"And your powers?" he asked.

Kyuna smiled sheepishly, laughing nervously.

"Let's just say," she said, "When we were practicing, we had to get my mother to thaw Shinku out."

Yonige smiled sheepishly.

"That bad, huh?" he asked.

Kyuna sighed.

"I can sorta get it down, but when he called my name I lost concentration and one thing led to another and BAM! Daikou-okaa had to thaw him out," Kyuna said, looking at Hidan, who was being 'beat up' by Chieko in wrestling.

She smiled then looked at Yonige. He was looking at Irihi with the same admiring eyes Hidan gave Chieko.

The same eyes Shinku has when he looks at me. And when I look at him, I bet: she thought. Shinku's probably noticed this by now too.

She then heard the laughter of both Chieko and Irihi and she smiled softly.

But I don't mind this: she thought. I know they wouldn't do anything now. They'll wait. I know they will.

"Snow!" Irihi said, looking out the large glass window.

Kyuna turned her head and saw that the rain had turned into snow.

"Snow, snow, snow!" Irihi squealed, reaching towards the window.

Kyuna smiled.

"Just like your mother," a woman said, coming down the stairs.

She had long, flowing black hair and dark, forest green eyes.

Kyuna blushed.

"R-Really, Rikku-kun?" Kyuna asked.

Rikku laughed softly.

"Of course!" Rikku said. "Whenever Obochi asked me to watch you and it snowed, you would never stop talking about the snow!"

Kyuna heard Shinku laugh and she looked down, blushing lightly.

"L-Let's take the children outside then," Kyuna said. "But we must give them coats.


Irihi wore a light blue jacket and grey pants, Chieko wore a white jacket and black pants, and Getsuei wore a black jacket and red pants.

Hidan was laying in the snow, teaching Chieko how to make a snow angel.

Yonige was kneeling to the ground, building a small snowman with Getsuei and Irihi.

Kyuna smiled softly.

Shinku grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear, "Let's go have us time."

Kyuna blushed deeply, holding his hand.

"Are you sure we can leave them out here?" she asked.

Shinku smiled softly.

"They have great protection, koi," he said. "I'm more than sure."

Kyuna looked back at her children, seeing them smiling and laughing. She smiled as well.

"Alright, koi," she said, holding his hand tightly.

He smiled and walked with her back inside the castle.

"And that's how you do it, squirt," Hidan said, sitting up. "Squirt?"

He looked to see Chieko staring blankly into the forest, her eyes glued to it. Hidan crawled in the snow over to her.

"Squirt? Chieko?"

"Hi…to. Hito. Hito…goroshi. Hitogoroshi," she said in a daze.

Hidan's eyes widened slightly. He picked her up and she seemed to snap from her gaze. She looked up and smiled at Hidan.

"Hidandan!" she giggled.

Hidan was looking at her seriously.

"Chieko…," he said. "Where did you hear that name?"

Chieko blinked and then smiled.

"I saw a picture with his name," she said.

"When? Where?" he asked.

Chieko thought for a moment about the question and then smiled.

"In Chieko's head just now, Hidandan," she said. "Mr. Hito is coming to get Chieko and her brother and her sister!"

Hidan's body tensed and he gently tightened his grip on her.

"Chieko…you stay away from that man," he said. "He's bad. He might hurt you and your siblings."

Chieko stared up at Hidan with a blank stare. Hidan noticed her pupils became dilated, covering most of her eyes.

They then returned normal and Chieko smiled.

"Ok, Hidandan, Chieko will listen," she said.

She then jumped from his hands, into the snow, and began to make her own snow angel. Hidan stepped forward, taking off his necklace. He placed it around her neck and smiled. He then turned.

"Yonige, I am going to get my scythe," Hidan said. "Watch Chieko."

And he began walking towards the castle.

"Wait what?" Yonige said. He looked at Getsuei and Irihi. "Um go play with Chieko-kun. I'll be right back."

And he ran to follow Hidan quickly. Getsuei and Irihi began walking to Chieko. They reached her and she sat up.

"We bout to go, guys!" she said.

They blinked, staring at her with confusion. Chieko then looked back and smiled. They looked too.

Out of the woods walked a man with snow white hair and dark blue eyes that were almost black. He wore a long, sleeved buttoned grey shirt and grey pants. He walked in the snow barefooted. He reached the children and smiled.

"Mr. Hito!" Chieko squealed, hugging his leg.

Hitogoroshi smiled.

"Lady Chieko," he said, picking her up.

He then picked up Getsuei and Irihi, who struggled lightly. Chieko patted both of their hands.

"It's okie dokie," she said. "Mr. Hito not hurt us. He gonna fix us!"

Irihi and Getsuei stopped struggling, curious to find out what she meant. Hitogoroshi then turned and jumped into the forest.

Hidan then walked out the castle with Yonige. He hit the back of his head with the scythe.

"Next time, don't follow me!" Hidan said. "Watch them! You lucky we were only gone for a second or-"

He stopped when he couldn't see them.

"Where are they?!" Hidan yelled.

Yonige's eyes widened.

"NO!" he yelled.

Hidan ran to where Chieko was.

"Chieko?! Chieko!" he yelled.

He slammed his scythe to the ground, snow flying. He clenched his fists and let his head to the ground. His eyes then widened.

"Wait a minute…," he said, staring at footprints in the snow. "I can see these are little feet, but here are much larger feet next to them. They weren't mine because I'm wearing shoes. This person was barefoot. But…"

His eyes widened.

"Hitogoroshi…," he whispered.

"What?" Yonige asked, his eyes wide.

Hidan stared into the forest.

"Chieko…she was looking into the forest in some sort of trance, I don't know," he said. "She then started talking about him saying how he was coming to get her and her brother and sister. If she's gone now…"

"It must've been a vision," Yonige finished.

Hidan narrowed his eyes.

"You go warn the others," he said. "I'm going after them."

And before Yonige could say anything, Hidan took off running.


Hitogoroshi ran quickly through the snow in the forest. Getsuei and Irihi looked frightened, but all Chieko did was smile. Chieko saw them run passed the big, beautiful lake.

"Here we are," Hitogoroshi said.

Chieko turned and her eyes sparkled.

In front of them was a big, beautiful, pearl white fountain. It had four layers of water spilling from it. On the side in platinum words was 'Daikou's Fountain'.

"This fountain can age you or make you young again," Hitogoroshi said, putting the children in the water. "Depending on your age. It is said to be made from Daikou's own water. No one should use it more than once. Not even she knows the results. You know how long to stay in, M'Lady."

Chieko giggled and nodded her head. With that, Hitogoroshi took off.


Hidan held his sword on his shoulder, running as quickly as he could through the snow.

"If you hurt her, Hitogoroshi…," he said.

He growled deeply. He then ran passed the lake, seeing it frozen in its beauty. His ears then twitched as he heard the sound of running water. He looked to the ground, seeing footprints lead to the sound.

He turned and he saw a small fountain up ahead, seeing three silhouettes climb out. He came to a stop.

"Hey have you-" he started.

His eyes then widened greatly.

A man stood, his long, black spiked hair laying right above his shoulders, looking around curiously with ocean blue eyes. He was muscular and his skin was far.

A woman stood beside him, her hand on his shoulder to keep her up. She had long blonde hair and emerald green eyes that looked around in fear. She, like the man, had beautiful fair skin.


He turned his head and his eyes widened more.

There stood a woman with long black and blonde hair, staring at him with ocean blue eyes and a beautiful smile. Just like the man and woman, she too had beautiful fair skin.

He looked to the ground, seeing torn up pieces of clothing. He felt a blush creep to his face.

"It couldn't be…," he whispered, looking back up at the black and blonde hair woman.

He stared at her body, blushing. He looked and saw a necklace. He looked to see if it was it. There, lying on the woman's breast, was the necklace he gave Chieko.

There stood Chieko, Irihi, and Getsuei.


Those who use my fountain, beware.

You will either grow or shrink in age.

If you are older than three decades, you will shrink.

If you are younger than two decades, you will grow.

If you lie in the middle, I cannot tell you.

But be warned, mortal or immortal.

If you use this fountain more then once

There is no telling what the consequences are

You have been warned.

Queen Daikou

Eight tailed water wolf demon

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