A/N: This random little humor poem is for my friend Chris, who made the mistake of falling asleep on the bus. I told him I was going to write him a poem, so here it is!

Oh, wow.

They did not.

Oh, my gosh.

They did.

With permanent marker.

That's right.

On your face.

I'm so sorry.

I wouldn't fall asleep again.

But I…

I can't hold my eyes open.

Anyway, that sucks.

No, it doesn't look like rosy cheeks.

It looks like evil incarnate.

I still can't believe they did that.

Wow, yeah, some of it's gone.

Now it just looks like open sores on your face.

Sorry, man.

Glad we can be so mature.

Why do we only pick on him?

Poor you.

Don't fall asleep on the bus.

Just don't do it.

They'll draw on your face, apparently.