Life is a sculpture etched from the chisel of many hands.

Everything you choose to do or that is chose for you or that effects you is a chisel etching out a part in the Sculpture of your Life.


Life is full of them, the kind that sculpt a large part of your life

Let's say from the top or your head to your chest

You make these decisions,

Others make these decisions,

Sometimes you feel like you are subject to other peoples decisions and you can't sculpt yourself into the person YOU want to become.

Instead, you are subject to the chisel of others.

This may push you in the wrong direction

And make you into a person you don't want to become.

You can never add things back to the sculpture of your life

You can just chisel away until you are the person you want to be.

But Sometimes you chisle away so much that there is nothing left.

This is when new chapters are opened and your life moves on.


Let's say this part of your life is your mid section.

These are your transitional stages

Sometimes you try to move so fast through life you forget to take time to chisel out the important things.

This leaves your mid section fat and full of empty un affected space.

You need to remember that even in these transitional phases there are many important things that you need to take from them.

When you forget these things and forget to chisel them out of the mid section of our life you are left with useless fat and you don't know who you are or what you really want to do.

So slow down and remember the important things in life and that they make you who you are.

When life moves on as it always does, other things help to chisel your Sculpture of life.

Let's make these your waist to your knee.

Friends and Family.

People help etch out a little piece of you.

You use there experiences to influence your own.

This knowledge is a huge chisel that helps make this section of your life so much more for filled and chiseled.

So listen to others and take what they have learned and use it to chisel your own life.

As we get down to your lower legs and feet we come closer to the end.

All life must come to an end.

This happens gradually over time.


Time is one of the most influential Chisels of your life.

It helps you to discover and see and gives you the moments that make you who you are.

And as your life comes to an end your Sculpture of Life doesn't crumble and die like the old weak body in which you reside.

But it flourishes because the things that helped influence you, you have passed on.

You have passed on a small part of your chisel to all of the people you have ever influenced.

And these people build the base for your Sculpture to keep your influences strong long after you are gone.

And they use your base to begin there own sculpture.

Your life is like a Sculpture and many hands may be the chisel but the knowledge of being that chisel is more important to the structure of your life and of those around you then any other.

Sculpture of Your Life. By Bradley Meyer