I'm Gonna Move On And That's What I Know

I'm Gonna Be The One to Pass You On The Road

I'm Gonna Talk Smack Cause That's What I Do

I Gonna Fight This Battle All The Way Through

Now This Is What I'm Gonna Do For A Living

I'm Gonna Write Songs That Make Other Artists Sing 'Em

I'm Gonna Be Popular That's What I Know

My Money And House Is Just Gonna Grow And Grow

Gonna Grow And Grow

You Know I Love You

But I Gotta Leave

I'm Just A Simple Boy Chasing Down A Dream

You Know I'll Always Love Ya And I'll Never Forget The Time That We

Loved And The Time That We Spent

The Time That We Spent Together

Now Come On Dude Your Gonna Shred That Guitar

You Are Gonna One Of The Biggest Stars

We're Gonna Make It Big And Don't You Forget It

Now Get Out There And Shred Cause That's How We Win It