i don't know what it was

about the tire swing.

this one being

yellow, beaten,

withering plastic-

scuff marks to show

from its loving passengers.

i don't know how we

stuffed ourselves in,

the well used tire

surely groaning

under the extra stress

of three who just wanted

to feel like children


and then i was spinning,

spinning, spinning,

thoughts shooting

out of my head

careening away

like they were driven

by natural forces

like they were

tangible objects

that could be subject to

centrifugal force

like they needed to fly away

in order to make it back

in a way that made sense

to me.

and i was desperately

holding on to the chain

like if i let go

i would fly off

that heart-stopping

pure thrill

adrenaline pumping moment

before crashing back down

to reality.

then i switched

and held with my arms

the chain biting at

my elbows,

but the hurt not really

transferring to

my mind,

instead whirling out

the ends of

my hair,

streaming out in circles

and absorbed into trees.

when i close my eyes

there's a split second

of nothing -


as if my brain is

making up for the pause

it streams into overdrive

massively confused

about the loss of its


so that my body

is not only spinning,

my mind is too,

a whirlwind of nothing

that magically

makes up something.

they open

and the world comes back

in a rush,

spinning dazzlingly

before my eyes,


just like my thoughts,

and the world is


to me.

i don't even take in

colour anymore

i look at it but it doesn't


and i know i'm

reaching into the

child inside

when everything was

black and white

and it was so

simple -

one or the other,

but the mind still

spinning all the way.

and then we jerked

and lurched

and stopped

but our mind didn't

until our eyes

stopped spinning

so slowly the


came rushing back,

the simple life

vanished -

we are wiser


i think,

because colour

helps us to