"Death and Heaven"

Written: April 19, 2009

"Darcie, no!" Dusan screamed into the night but she didn't hear him. She was going so fast and she couldn't stop. The lights became a blur as she tried to slam the breaks. But the feeling of her legs had escaped her. She tried again and again but it wasn't possible. Her eyes started to fill with tears as she came closer to her death. She prayed for the last time. Please Dusan, save me. Her eyes widened at the sigh of another car approaching. The curve of the road had prevented her from seeing it sooner. She lost hope then, she gave up the will to survive. Wasn't this what she wanted? Wasn't being with Dusan forever what she had asked for? No, this was not the way she wanted it. She pleaded to him once more. Dusan, why have you left me? "Dusan," she whispered aloud.

"Darcie, I'm right here. I'll always be!" he said but she couldn't hear him. Even if he was sitting on the passenger seat, his mouth barely an inch from her ear, she wouldn't hear him.

The impact was so hard that her body went right through the window, shattering the glass. She landed on the pavement. She heard the faint noise of the ambulance siren as it approached the location. At least I'll find Dusan in Heaven, she thought. Her ears were ringing but she felt no pain. She knew that her face was torn, that her bones were broken and that her body lay limp and useless in the wet pavement. But she was ready. She was ready to finally face what had come to Dusan at an early age, what was coming to her now. "Dusan," she said. The last word before she slipped into the arms of Death.

A/N: Written for a challenge.