Curtains open on a small stage
Worn and tattered after years of use
The actors take their prepositioned places
Ready to perform again

The audience is the same as always
It never seems to change
All of them know the performance by heart
Yet they watch it anyway

The actors play their parts
Fa├žades painted in the spotlight
They no longer see the audience
They don't remember wanting one

Scenes change and the actors dance
Flail and scream and cry and laugh
The audience watches indifferently
Everyone plays their part flawlessly

The show never stops
Yet the actors grow weary
Their passion begins to fade
Their faces begin to age

Those watching pay no heed
As the actors begin to fall
One by one until they all vanish
It's time for the curtain call

The curtain closes and opens again
Yet no one reappears
The show is over ladies and gentlemen
The curtain closes forevermore