Daddy's Little Girl

You told me that I was your

Little girl and that you loves me

The little girl that I was

Believed you.

You told me that you will never

Leave me.

I believe that too.

One day I heard yelling

From downstairs and I went to

See what was going on.

Tears ran down my cheeks as

I watched you hit mommy.

I ran over there to stop you but

You pushed me away roughly.


My head hit that table that was

Behind me and blood came

Spilling out.

I laid there still as a flower praying

That this nightmare will end soon.

Then suddenly you walked out of

The house and toward your car.

I quickly got up and

Grabbed your arm before

You could entered your car.

I was begging you not to leave

But you ignored me and pried

Me off before getting into

The car.

As a tear fell down my eyes

I watched you drive away

Leaving me forever.

Now I know that I was

Never your little girl.